Kdub Idol

Katy Holland, Entertainment Reporter

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Kdub Idol is Kentucky Wesleyan’s very own American Idol. Competitors sign up for this event, and the rest is up to them on what they want to sing/preform. This year, many people signed up, and it was a three round competition. The final performers were Nate Stemle, Madison Weber and Lucas, Kara Kelley, Matt Oller and Alex Khan, and Phillip Carter.

The night started with asking randomly chosen audience on who they think is going to win, which gave the night more of a thrill. As the night went on, the audience would live tweet about each performer. The very fun, yet long night was going very smoothly as the judges gave their opinions. As the night was wrapping up, SAPB sent out the way to vote through email. As we waited for the top three winners, Katie Black sang four killer songs! After that, the drumroll began… third place: Kara Kelly. Second place: Madison Weber and Lucas. And first places goes to…… NATE STEMLE! The crowd went crazy, and it was a very great experience for everyone at Kentucky Wesleyan. Tuesdays in February are now Kdub Idol nights, and Nate Stemle is now a famous performer. Or we would like to think so!

Each contestant was truly talented and different in how they preformed. They offered a wide variety of songs and instruments. The judges truly acted the part of each American Idol judge. Now as we wait patiently for next year, we wonder how to will get better next year because for some reason… it always does!

The reason behind this most famous event on campus is to bring the students together on a Tuesday night to revive their spirits since college can be hard sometimes. The students’ interactions prove the commitment the students have for this event, and this is why the event is still put on and popular every year.

Many of the past contestants have been noticed. One in particular, Noah Boswell won two years and then started playing for local restaurants like Fetta and local bars like Taylor’s and Showme’s. Noah works hard at his music career to this day and has recorded in Nashville, Tennessee with a producer who worked with Blake Shelton and Rascal Flatts.

Noah has a couple of hits on iTunes right now and plays some tunes with this year’s winner, Nate Stemle. Noah and Nate wrote the song that Nate played for the last round, and Nate mentioned Noah and how they both sat down one night and wrote a very good song. Nate told the Kdub Idol audience, “I told him [Noah] if I ever made it to finals, I would play it for him.” Nate played it very well, and the crowd and judges loved it. That goes to show that this event is not just a petty event where random students go on stage and make a joke of it. Kdub Idol is an event that gets students noticed and engages the performance.

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