Spring Break Plans

Nathen Jones, Features Reporter

With Spring Break approaching, every student is trying to get every test and homework finished before the necessary break. Most students have ideas of how they will spend the break, with some going back home, some hitting the beach and have some time in the sun, and some staying in Owensboro to work to try to find financial stability. Today, I am going to tell you my plans for when I go back home to try and give you ideas on how to spend your break.

I come from the big state of Texas, and I miss it dearly while being here in Owensboro, Kentucky. When I go back home, I always have a good time being and reconnecting with my old friends and family members. Over Spring Break, I will travel back home to see everyone and spend time with my newest nephew. My oldest sister just had Aaron, and since I am here in college, I haven’t had the chance to see him. Getting to meet this wonderful child will bring an incredible smile to my face, and my plans are to see him as much throughout the week to get a real connection with him and to show how awesome of a uncle I will be to him as he grows bigger.

I am from a huge family, and that usually means a party will happen somewhere during random times when all get back. With us all in the house at the same time, a house party will eventually come up with music and karaoke to bring smiles and laughter to the room. Now I’m not the best singer in the world, but if someone puts some Musiq Soul Child and some Michael Jackson, I will give a performance like no other. Let’s just say I am the ultimate entertainer when it comes to a family stage.

On break, I still plan to keep up my track training by going back to my old high school and working hard to reach my goals in track. I might also play a little basketball with friends to see if we still got some game left in us after all these years.

Coming from a guy who is well rounded with music, when I go back home, it always means I test out my two friends’ speakers. They always change their subs when they upgrade, which means more bass and more new music. We drive and make late Walmart runs, just goofing around being fools and trying to not get kicked out.

It’s all about getting down on the dance floor. Texas has some of the best clubs to go to on the weekends, and with Spring Break, they will have so many special events going, making it super fun to go out on a week day and have a good time with friends.

That will be my Spring break. I challenge you to go out and make your time worth it and come back to campus with great memories you won’t forget.