Go Greek This Semester

Nathen Jones, Features Reporter

When coming to Kentucky Wesleyan College, you have a new start and an opportunity to find yourself in which your identity can come to life and provide you with different options to explore and test. For many people coming to college, it’s about coming for school, focusing on grades, and getting a nice healthy job right after. For others, finding yourself is about being a student athlete, coming to focus on grades while excelling and competing with your team in a sport. But there is another option in which you can have that same brother and sisterhood as a sport and still have life changing experiences. Joining a fraternity and sorority can benefit the college experience for many individuals and can even help students to network, which may assist them in finding jobs in the future.

Greek organizations provide expectations of their members. They advocate students keep a high standard in grades, and that’s a huge benefit considering that the organization wants you in your college years to be successful. When being in Greek life, you are set up like you are in a business. You have this ladder to climb where you start from the bottom and work your way up. There is a standard this organization wants you to meet by the end of the year in which you are accepted.

Fraternities and sororities offer members the  opportunity to represent the organization. But as you are representing these club, the expectation of representation you bring to the group is very high, so what you do at the event can serve as an example for future members.

The best part about joining Greek life is the many great people you will meet. There is a high amount of people around the country who join Greek life, like parents, professors, doctors, and lawyers, and those connections you make with these people by being members of the same national fraternity or sorority can lead to  jobs down the line. If you’re in a fraternity and after graduation you choose to move to another state, there is a good chance that one day you will talk to someone, having a stimulating intellectual conversation, and you find out he was in the same fraternity as you.

The brotherhood and sisterhood will never leave you for the rest of your life, and your commitment to your brothers or sisters is a great commitment to have. For example, an organization on campus honored the loss of two individuals from the same fraternity at another school by wearing pins and dressing up to honor them.

People in a Greek organization are proficient in getting to know someone in under ten minutes. This is all due to the recruitment process that each organization has. Greeks can hold a conversation because they know what questions to ask and how to answer questions appropriately. By going through this recruitment process numerous times during a college career, Greeks are given a great deal of practice to prepare them for career interviews. An interview is all about selling yourself to a potential employer. The same can be said about recruitment since you are selling what your organization can do for a potential new member.

In conclusion, it’s a great a great opportunity for individuals to change their college experience around and start their future, so I say take the time to look into it, because your future could very well change with the commitment to Greek life.