Admiration and Dedication

Morgan Herzog, Features Reporter

When I was a child, my mother hung a painting above the headboard of my bed. I was fascinated with how intriguing the painting became to me. The painting hung on the wall was called “Starry Night.” This was the first time I became curious about art and wanted to know more about the artist, Vincent Van Gogh. Shortly after my first encounter with Van Gogh’s artwork, I had my mother take me to a store that had an abundance of paintings. My mother and I were searching for a new painting to hang up in the dining room of our home. While wandering through the store, I came across a painting with a starry sky that resembled the “Starry Night” painting. It also had tables and chairs placed upon a patio for dining. I thought it would be perfect to view while eating dinner with my family. My mother purchased the painting and the painting was called “Cafe Terrace at Night.” At that point I was eager to learn more about Vincent Van Gogh. He became my favorite artist as a child and has remained my favorite throughout the years.

During high school I was enrolled in several art classes, specifically two painting classes. A requirement of my painting class was to complete a biography of my favorite artist. I was extremely eager to begin my research of Van Gogh. I learned that he was born on March 30th, 1853 and died at the age of thirty seven. He passed away from a gunshot wound which was assumed to be self-inflicted. People concluded that he was suicidal due to his mental illness. Van Gogh lived with severe anxiety for a few years which occurred right before his death. He was under a lot of stress because he completed every painting with a sense of urgency. He was always in a rush and eager to produce the maximum amount of paintings possible. Two months before his death he completed an average of one painting per day. In my eyes that was extremely impressive. After learning about Van Gogh’s life and perseverance, I became even more interested with his work.

Vincent Van Gogh has completed 900 paintings during his art career. He lived his life through hard work and dedication. To become successful, a person must persevere through all obstacles no matter what. Despite Van Gogh’s sickness, he continued to produce astonishing paintings for the world to admire for centuries. In my opinion he is an inspiration and a role model.

Sometimes I find myself relating to him on a couple different levels. For instance, Van Gogh became very successful because he worked hard to achieve his dreams. Personally, being enrolled and active at Kentucky Wesleyan takes hard work and perseverance. At one point in time I seriously considered dropping out and giving up on myself. But, then I thought about how college is taken for granted. There are people who desperately want to attend college and cannot. So, I enrolled in my next semester and am currently working at this ‘school thing’ each and every day. Van Gogh stuck to his dream, as will I.

Although he became ill, he has accomplished goals that others have not. He strived to become the best and completed paintings per day. Which relates again to school work at Kentucky Wesleyan. To become the best student one must complete assignments and homework every day. Practice makes perfect and for that I admire Vincent Van Gogh.