Ineligible Life: A Football Player’s Story

Jordyn Elzie, Features Writer

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Being a student athlete is not a responsibility-free joy ride through life with a lot of social acceptance and an easy ticket through school. There are requirements and obligations that a student athlete must go through to even stay on the field or even be allowed to be a member of the team. If you make the team but then do not meet those requirements and obligations, you will be deemed ineligible, the consequence for not reaching academic standards.

This was my primary challenge this football season, and one I have been battling a while. I have been ineligible since 2014 and have been working diligently in the classroom to get my GPA high enough to be allowed to participate in games. Just because I have been ineligible this season, though, does not mean that I have been absent from my team and the program. I still participated in all practices and workouts throughout the semester, all while working at Olive Garden. I found that being as proactive as possible increases my work ethic and drive, so I worked on staying busy this semester.

This season was filled with ups and downs each and every week. The first and most prevalent obstacle was the weather. Now, that may just be my perspective since I am originally from sunny Atlanta, Georgia, but I felt this semester that the weather in Kentucky progressively worsened. Getting out of class everyday throughout the week to put on pads and go hit in the freezing rain while the sun shone in the sky took a toll on my body to say the least. I definitely learned, however, how to dress more appropriately for any type of weather.

To go in more depth about the team’s challenges, we faced a number of good teams this semester, even while staying independent. We came across two division one teams where we played really well, better than any year we participated in those types of events. We had very good home stats, not losing many if at all any games at home in front of our own home fans. We also came together more a team, seeing that not a lot of players are opting to transfer. We had great receiver and quarterback play, and a lot of standout young guys on defense to help make our team appear more complete.

Hopefully next season, I will have had a good spring seaon under me and ample time to prepare of the summer to be ready. I have added more time and effort into my classroom work to increase my chance of being eligible for the season. I have practiced well over the past fall season and have put myself in the beast position to compete. I am earning a starting role for next year at Kentucky Wesleyan.

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Ineligible Life: A Football Player’s Story