A Transfer Student’s Perspective

Jordyn Elzie, Features Writer

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College and the type of experience it can bring a student are unmatched by any other life experience. We are raised to believe that when you leave your childhood home for college, you will meet your life-long friends. You will go through ups and downs, and you will make your best memories. College life for at Kentucky Wesleyan has fulfilled many of those aspects. This semester that is ending has been an eye opener, considering I had to transfer back in from a community college in Virginia.

I had previously spent three years at KWC, so going through the transition of a new semester was usually nothing new. However, this semester was a little different. In December of 2014, I had to make a life change. I decided to go live with my father in Virginia for a semester to gain more finical stability for myself to make the following semester a bit easier. Once arriving in  Virginia, I stayed with my dad for a bit until I decided to reenter school at Thomas Nelson Community College. I took part-time classes, mainly so general education courses to get them out of the way so I could focus more on my major of communications. By the end of the summer, I had accumulated a multitude of good grades and was awarded by being placed on merits list for outstanding grades.

I had to adjust to the work depth and amount upon returning to Kentucky Wesleyan. The difficulty level almost felt as if it increased drastically after leaving and coming back because of how much more I had to complete. I had more professors to communicate with, and I had more assignments with quicker due dates. This fall semester has really tested my mental strength and resiliency to get work done and submitted, even when I feel as though my back has been against the wall.

Having to come back to the football team after having a period of absence was also an adjustment I had to try and conquer. New students I had never seen, a handful of freshman, and some improved upperclassman were only some of the adjustments I had to make upon rejoining the Panther football team. Also finding my social group and picking the right quality friends has been essential. Some students had never even seen me before, so being automatically accepted didn’t seem to be in the equation at the time. I had to find my cohesiveness again on the field with my teammates as much as possible when I could. It was tough for me at first since I have been dealing with ineligibility.

This is not to say that transfer students should be looked at differently or at a higher standard. This is more so to say that some students are facing to a few more obstacles when they have to come back or from a different place. I had never realized or even thought about that when I went through my first three years at Kentucky Wesleyan. The transition and corrections to yourself are much more rigorous when you become a transfer student.

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A Transfer Student’s Perspective