Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Black History Month

Dominique Caminos, Features Editor

It is always great to embrace every culture at a college because college is about finding yourself. Therefore, every college should show acknowledgement of every culture. At Kentucky Wesleyan College, we are hosting the Martin Luther King, Jr. walk for the city of Owensboro, and we are going to have multiple events for Black History Month.

I am very excited that Wesleyan is showing interest in such important events, especially the Martin Luther King, Jr. Walk. This walk is a very big deal. People meet at Owensboro High School and walk to Kentucky Wesleyan College. While walking, people sing and share fellowship with each other. This is such a beautiful sight to see because you will see all ages and races come together to celebrate an important mark of our history. Once the walk is complete, everyone gathers at Wesleyan to hear a speaker and then network at a provided lunch.

Kent Lewis is co-hosting the event with the Human Relations Commission. This event will take place at 9 AM. It is very important that everyone from KWC comes together to support such an important event. It will show unity in our school, and it will show respect to those at Wesleyan to whom this event means a great deal.

Another way Wesleyan is showing interest in the African American culture is by embracing Black History Month. The Student Activity Program Board, the Student Government, and Rebecca McQueen, the director of Sophomore Experience, are working with the Black Student Union to come up with events to acknowledge to Black History Month.

This means a lot to individuals who come from diverse backgrounds. It is exciting to see a school plan months in a head to program Black History Month. Many people do not acknowledge or even know when Black History Month is or that the Black Student Union will plan events for this month. However, it is great that many of the big organizations are coming together, which says a great deal about our school.

As most individuals know, there have been many racial issues across our country lately. There have been multiple shooting, deaths, racial slurs, and more. That is why I am so excited that Kentucky Wesleyan College is taking this important acknowledgment of history seriously. It says a lot about our school that we can come together as one.

One thing that Wesleyan is trying to do is bring everyone from every culture together and express different viewpoints. It is important that everyone is able to have a discussion on race and culture without hate and anger being expressed. We have to be open to others’ viewpoints. The reason why Wesleyan is trying to do this is because we are hoping to get an understanding on why people feel the way that they do and so that other people can see how certain viewpoints can make an individual feel.

This should be “The Wesleyan Way” to bring everyone together. Though this is a hard subject to cover and speak about because of our history and things that are going on at different areas; however, it is best that we get on this issue now and let everyone know we care about each other.