Finals Tips and Stress Free Zones

Asia Coates, Features Writer

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This semester is coming to an end next week. Finals are here and ready to beat us. With a few things in mind, finals week can be manageable and successful.

It is important to eat properly and sleep properly, along with a lot of studying in between and many trips to the library and study sessions. Finals can be very stressful, but Kentucky Wesleyan always has a stress free zone around this time of finals, so you don’t have to be stressed. You may go to the rotunda and get a massage. You can give your hands a wax makeover. You can play with puppies and little baby kittens to calm you and make sure your head is where it needs to be to do our absolute best on finals.

Don’t over think; finals are just like any other class. You have been in this class all semester long, so you know what is coming your way and you know what has been discussed and the topics covered in the class. Everything on the test should look familiar. You should get with your friends and buddies from each class whom you know are doing very well in the class. Get together have your own study group. Go through your chapters, and don’t stress the small stuff. Seeing it once is better than not seeing it at all before you go take the test, so get familiar with just a little bit of everything.

Another good tip is to buy some gum and or peppermints. Chew a piece of gum or throw a peppermint in while the teacher is passing out your test. The minty gum or peppermint will help you focus and give you the extra boost you need. It will calm your nerves and relax you more then you think and will help you zone in and focus on what you are doing.

Finals can be a bug, but they are only going to be as easy as you make them. You make it hard and it will be hard. Make sure you get with your teachers if you have any questions about turning in assignments before the final. If you have any questions about the final you are taking, talk with your teacher. Send an email, make phone call, or check their office hours to get with him/her to figure out what you need to do your best in the class. I advise you to all get good sleep and make sure you are hydrated. See you all next week, and good luck.

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Finals Tips and Stress Free Zones