Missed Thanksgiving

Wilson Buckner, Features Writer

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One of the most exciting seasons of the year begins with the Friday after Thanksgiving. When I was a child, it always meant the official countdown for when Santa arrives. But within the past several years, Black Friday has become the greatest tradition of all!

For my family, the traditional Thanksgiving feast begins around 2 P.M.. My mom begins cooking days ahead and wakes up early on Thanksgiving day to get the bird in the oven. Once we sit down to the table to feast, it usually takes us maybe 20 to 30 minutes, and we’re done and back in front of the T.V., watching all of the football games. Of course we nap while my mom spends the next several hours cleaning all of the mess.

That napping is essential for what happens Thanksgiving night. My hometown has several outlets that offer everything everyone desires for Christmas. Ralph Lauren. Brooks Brothers. Nike. Adidas. New Balance. Coach. Taylor Made. Kate Spade. J.Crew. These stores open their doors at 2 A.M. and everyone and their grandma show up for the fun. People come from far and wide to participate in this shopping extravaganza! Parking? It’s a free for all, and cars are parked anywhere they can. Our family tradition begins with the Ralph Lauren outlet. We usually run into friends and chat with them while we patiently wait for the doors to open.
But once those doors open all conversations stop and the shopping frenzy begins. We usually have a strategy and have staked out the store the day before. As a team, we scatter through the store and snag everything we might like. Then we meet over in the home section of the store and sort through our swag while one of us waits in line at the checkout. Once we’ve decided what we’re keeping, my mom trades places in the checkout line and we move on to the next stores.

In the past couple of years, we’ve decided to split up and go our separate ways, checking in with each other through group text messaging. Incredibly, we can usually finish all of our Christmas shopping in just a few hours. We then can head back home with all of our loot and sleep off all of the shopping excitement as we crawl back in bed with the sun rise.

This year, I was sick, and my family brought Thanksgiving to me in Owensboro. Sadly, it just wasn’t the same. Sure, I had another great meal and enjoyed the company of my family, but I missed out on the thrill of the outlet hunt. Times have changed and almost everything can be purchased online, which is exactly what my mom did while she waited for the turkey to cook. All of those items will arrive on my front porch without the hassle of parking and crowds, etc. After finals week, I’ll return to my home and sadly begin my shopping without the fun and excitement that comes with shopping in the early hours of the morning.

I hate that I missed out on my traditional family Thanksgiving this year. You can bet that I won’t miss out next year and will do everything I can to keep that family tradition alive. I hope you have a great holiday and enjoy the company of all of those that you love the most.

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Missed Thanksgiving