Hunter Ends First Semester Coaching Women’s Tennis Team

Katie Laughlin, Sports Editor

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Kentucky Wesleyan’s women’s tennis team began the school year without a coach. Last year’s coach, Sarah Bivins, resigned from the position in August of this year. Robert Mallory, the school’s new Athletic Director, acted immediately to find the best candidate for the position.

Diana Hunter was hired as the Kentucky Wesleyan’s women’s tennis coach on September 24th. Hunter is aluma of the college and is a retired teacher and tennis coach from Daviess County High School. Diana played four sports at Wesleyan, basketball, softball, tennis, and volleyball. Hunter has coached various sports the past 29 years, including basketball, track, tennis, volleyball, and the dance step team. Hunter is from a family of 13 children and has three children, Monique, Renee, and Landon. Hunter has been retired from Daviess County Public Schools for two years. She has more time to coach and play tennis and substitute teach.

Being a tennis player here at KWC, I can attest that practices with Diana are intense and upbeat. I knew immediately that my new coach was the perfect fit for the job. Hunter is an extremely selfless coach. She is constantly thinking in ways that are beneficial to us individually and a team as a whole. She treats her players with tough love. Her knowledge of the game is beyond what I could have asked for. Hunter is also a support system for the team. She coaches my teammates and me not only in tennis but also in life. I learn something new from her every time we practice.

I rolled my ankle in practice the other day, and she said she would check up on me the next day. The next morning I had a voicemail from her, and she was asking if I had gone to the trainer yet. This showed me that she cared and that she is very accountable. Change can seem to be the arrow that drags you backward, but in just a short amount of time you realize it prepared you to launch into a great future.

During practices coach is constantly critiquing and encouraging us. She will do anything in her power to make this team the best it can be. She has told us that she will have a ladder during the season. Every week each player will have the opportunity to move up or down on the ladder. This will make us more competitive and keep us working hard.

Right now, there are four girls on the tennis team. Coach Hunter wants 10-12 girls on the team during the season. She is ambitious, and I believe she will get what she wants for this program. Obstacles are simply steps on a journey for a woman who is determined. The official tennis season begins in the spring, and we will condition when we come back from Christmas break.

Coach Hunter is one of those people you can call about anything and she will give you honest advice. She is perfect for the position because she has our best interest as student-athletes. Her tennis ability makes us better players mentally and physically. I am looking forward to getting to know her better throughout the season. Come out and support out women’s tennis team next semester!







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Hunter Ends First Semester Coaching Women’s Tennis Team