Homecoming Week

Dominique Caminos, Features Editor

We all get excited when we hear “Homecoming Week” because we all know that it is that time of the year where there is a week full of fun activities.

Here at Kentucky Wesleyan College, we love to incorporate everyone during this time of the year. We have alumni come in and families of the students. For an example, Michael Wade is an alumn from Wesleyan. He started renting out a skybox for the Homecoming football game. There he invites other alumni and students to join him.

“I hope to see all KY Wesleyan alumni and friends of Owensboro for homecoming. I’m passing out food and drinks in my skybox during the football game. In box me for head count.” Wade said on his social networks.

This is a great example of something great that comes out of Homecoming Weekend. It is a great opportunity to get people to network, especially between the alumni and current students. It will bring good connections and a great time.

Another thing that Homecoming Week brings is fun just for the alumni. They have a weekend full of fun activities for the alumni’s to attend. They usually have mingles, parties, and speeches, and they always go to Moonlite BBQ.

I have already been asked from alumni what events they have going on this year. This is awesome because it keeps the alumni still engaged in the “college life” that they have been out of for a while. It also gives them a reason to come back to KWC. It is a good time for reconnecting and running down memory lane. I know I would love to come back to a school that makes it fun for the alumni.

Now, there is fun for the current college students as well. This year, the students will start their week off with the Homecoming Kick-Off during lunch hours. During this time they will have food and entertainment for the students, faculty, and staff.

Another fun event they will be having is All Out Purple. Everyone is supposed to show off our school colors by wearing purple. On this same day, the students all have the opportunity to get a free cupcake from 12 pm- 1 pm. Everyone knows that every college student loves free food.

The next day, KWC will host a huge bonfire in the quad. This is a very popular event because they have a bonfire that is right in the middle of the quad where everyone can go and make s’mores. It is usually a bit chillier at this time, so the students enjoy hanging out in front of this nice big fire and eating s’mores.

Finally, the big event, the Homecoming football game. This is the football game that everyone must attend. You see family members, people tailgating, food, and most importantly the Homecoming Court. It is a great time for everyone!

Even though there are a lot of fun things that come out of Homecoming Week, Wesleyan still tries to incorporate some type of well doing for the community; therefore, Wesleyan is hosting a Clothing Dive during this week.

I hope everyone has a good time for homecoming and participates in all of the events. Let’s set the bar of what the next homecoming should be like!