Women’s Basketball Prepares for Its Season

Asia Coates, Sports Writer

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We on the Kentucky Wesleyan women’s basketball team are our working our tails off to get in tiptop shape before the season. We have one more week left of workouts and conditioning before we start our 20 hours a week for practice. This will extend the time on the floor and enable us to go full force with whatever we need to work on and get done before the first exhibition game, which will be against Southern Illinois.

Our last 5 weeks of workouts involved TRX bands, where we used nothing but our own body weight to pinpoint certain muscles and work them the hardest we can. Next, we have been doing sled work, which involves us pushing sleds back and forth for 15 yards at a time. Then we have the medicine balls we use to do ab work, throwing them at the walls for reps and also throwing them up in the air behind us from a squat to full extension. Next we have box jumps, where we squat down hard and force our self’s up into a jump to get on top of the boxes in front of us. Of course you know we’ve been sprinting, sprinting 10 and 20 yards at a time and sprinting the floor. We have been working on footwork and stability in all aspects including ankle, legs and core. Along with knee drives on the wall we work our abs daily. We lift two to 2 times a weekwith sprinting and jump work to be stronger in every area.

We have done all this hard work with no ball. We only get to use a ball in preseason for two hours a week. Everything else is straight hard dirty work, and that’s what we have been doing. For the two hours we do get with a ball, we are working on a new five out offense and have gotten all the way up into transitioning already. I

’ve seen the work we have put in along with also putting in the work myself. I know how hard we are really working and it has no choice but to pay off. With that being said, we are ready for the season!!

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Women’s Basketball Prepares for Its Season