Hands Off My Dunkin Donuts

Wilson Buckner, Features Editor

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Earlier this week, the media reported that a Dunkin Donuts franchisee was closing 100 of its locations. With a Dunkin Donuts so close to Wesleyan’s campus, what does this news mean for Owensboro?

Growing up in South Carolina, Krispy Kreme is the king of doughnuts and Dunkin Donuts is a “Yankee” thing. But Dunkin Donuts offers an endless variety of yumminess that Krispy Kreme doesn’t even try to compete with. Growing up, I looked forward to Sunday school because we always had Dunkin Donuts to snack on. The one Dunkin Donuts location was right across the street from my church. Krispy Kreme was great but only if they were fresh and hot from the fryer. Otherwise they were just flaky, sugary blobs of yeasty bread. For me, having a Dunkin Donuts within sight of where I now call home is a dream come true. So when I saw the “Dunkin Donuts Closings” headline, I panicked.

According to the Fox News website, the corporate headquarters of Dunkin Donuts, Dunkin Brands, announced Thursday that one franchisee was shuttering 100 of its locations. Why?! It seems it has something to do with the price eggs. Apparently, the price of eggs has recently skyrocketed. Eggs are used to make the avian flu vaccine and because of the demand for flu shots, it’s created an egg shortage. Who knew? But how does a possible egg shortage explain closing 100 Dunkin Donuts locations?

here’s more to the story, of course. Not only does an egg shortage increase the cost to run a business but so do new minimum wage laws. In some states and major cities across the country, minimum wages have drastically increased. In the state of New York, the new minimum wage is now $15 an hour. Normally, a business will increase their prices to cover these expenses to protect their profits, but these increases could really hurt their business.

The 100 locations closing are owned by one franchisee, the convenience store chain Speedway. The plan is to close the locations this year and next year. Dunkin Brands also owns Baskin Robbins and it seems that Speedway’s Baskin Robbins stores will remain open. What does this mean for my favorite Dunkin Donuts location?

Based on the news sources, nothing! It does mean we can relax and keep on enjoying our favorite donuts. It means my brother can still start his day with a large vanilla latte and chocolate frosted cake donut. And it means for the rest of us, that anytime we get the craving, Dunkin Donuts is still there, ready to take our order. In fact, now that I’m finished, I’m heading over there and getting a dozen of all of my favorites.

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Hands Off My Dunkin Donuts