Serena Williams and the U.S. Open

Katie Laughlin, Sports Editor

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Serena Williams is ranked number one in the singles women’s tournament this year. Williams has played in 16 U.S Opens since her career began in 1995. She has won six titles playing singles and two titles playing doubles, all of which came from playing in past U.S. Opens. Williams has earned 69 titles throughout her entire career. She has only lost two matches in the past year and only 118 her whole career. However, that changed today, September 11th, in the sixth round, when Italian R. Vinci defeated her. This is only her third loss this year, but one that will stick with her for many years. Vinci beat Williams in the third set 6-4. This was a shock to most of Williams’s fans. Serena Williams had an opportunity to win all four Grand Slam singles title this year. The last women’s single tennis player to have done that wa Steffi Graf. You could compare this achievement to a jockey winning the Triple Crown.

Serena sored through the first round beating Diatchenko 6-0 2-0. The match scores are not finished due to a withdrawal from Diatchenko. The second round was more of a fight between Williams and Bertens, with a tiebreaker in the first set and a final score of 6-3.

Williams was on a winning streak coming into the tournament, which did not stop the third round of the tournament. She defeated Mattek-Sands in the third round of their match with the final score of 3-6 Mattek-Sands, 7-5 Williams, and 6-0 Williams.

In the fourth round Serena played Keys and beat her with a final score of 6-3 6-3.

Serena faced her sister, Venus Williams, in the fifth round. The final scores were 6-2, Serena 1-6, Venus 6-3, Serena. Both sisters performed exceptionally.

Personally, I think Venus wouldn’t beat her sister solely because she knew Serena had more at stake. At the same time Venus knows Serena’s game better than anyone because she has played with and against her since they were children.

The Williams sisters have a bond that not many siblings have. Both playing professional tennis since the 1990’s, they have played each other 27 times. They have also played together in many doubles matches. The Williams Rivalry will stand to the day they die, but I still think they share a special friendship being teammates, opponents, and sisters.

The U.S Open is held August 31st through September 13th at Louis Armstrong stadium in Flushing, NY. This is the fourth Major Open that is international in 2015. The first three include the Australian Open, the French Open, and the English tournament, which is called Wimbledon. All of these tournaments have a men and women’s pool along with singles and doubles matches. There were 32 women who entered in the singles tournament this year. The final match will be between R Vinci and Flavia Pennetta, both of who are Italian.

The U.S. Open has men’s singles and doubles tournaments along with women’s single and doubles tournaments. They also have Mixed Doubles, juniors, Collegiate, and Wheelchair Invitational. There are many other individual tournaments within the U.S. Open. The tournament will conclude on September 13th and all tournaments will have a Champion.

Finally, Serena Williams had the opportunity to make history this year. Her loss was felt deeply from all of her fans. I still believe she is the best in the world because she is a fighter and has earned her way to the top. Serena Williams will meet the U.S. Open again, and she will conquer.

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