A Salute to Seniors

Brian Thomas, Features Editor

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I talked to multiple seniors to try and see what their plans were for when they graduate and leave college life for good. At first I started off with the question, “How does it feel to finally to be done with school?”

Some said it is a big relief and they are so glad that they are finally finished with school and they get to walk the stage in honor of all their accomplishments in the classroom to finally be recognized with their Bachelor’s Degree. A very few said that they were not done with school and they will continue on to graduate school to get their Master’s degree at another college institution.

For my next question, I asked the ones who are not going to graduate, “What is next for what’s your plans after you graduate?” Most of the graduates said go try to finda job, hopefully in their field. Some even said they don’t know what they want to do, which is understandable. After working so hard for four years to reach a goal, deciding what to do once that goal is achieved can be overwhelming.

Graduates now have to get use to a new routine, but I hope for all of them to find the success they desire. The possibilities for Wesleyan graduates are endless. The world better watch out because Kentucky Wesleyan’s own might take over businesses or possibly become one of the greatest doctors.

There was one person that I talk to that he seemed like he had it all planned out on what he wanted to do right after his football season ended. Nix Crawford studied special education, and he is a special kind of heart who wants to get more involved with the less fortunate kids that he sees in a different light. You can see that these kids have a big impact on this football player as he talked about his student teaching experience. He worked with these students he has gotten to know. He plans to return to his hometown of Bowling Green to teach at Drakes Creek Middle School, the same school he attended. He will also coach high school football. He will continue to work at a school that will need his special heart and great attitude towards any person that comes in contact with him.

small_Nit Crawford

Nix Crawford is a great example of the Wesleyan way, but I want to wish all the seniors much success in their future careers and in whatever they choose to do. I hope they enjoy their lives and reminisce over all the great memories they made at Kentucky Wesleyan. I want them to know that their presence on this campus will be truly missed.

Congratulations on graduating and always be an example of the Wesleyan way.

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