Panogram Says Goodbye to Managing Editor

Panogram Staff

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For two years, the Panogram has grown under the direction of Managing Editor Mike Hellmueller. In this time, he has overseen changes in the newspaper, including an aggressive experiment into online only publication, a change in logo, and a focus on strong, relevant reporting. Mike has tried to expand readership and awareness of the paper in innovative ways, like conducting campus-wide surveys on the impact of the paper and advertising the paper on social media. He also helped the paper transition from Dr. Vogt as faculty advisor to Professor Connelly. Under Mike’s leadership, the paper has continued its tradition of excellence in student journalism. His efforts have meant a great deal to the paper and its staff. The saddest part of campus life is that it is finite. We at the Panogram would like to thank Mike for his tireless service and wish him nothing but the absolute best in the future.

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