President Darrell Changing Look of Wesleyan

Mike Hellmueller, Managing Editor

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With the recent renovations to Kendall Hall, President Bart Darrell has decided to proceed with a new plan to add housing where the current soccer field sits.
President Darrell has decided along with Athletic Director Jim Askins to break ground on the soccer field and have all the soccer games for both the men and women at Steele Stadium.

“We see this as a chance to add more housing similar to Stadium Hall and provide the soccer teams with the ability to utilize the turf field” said Askins.
Starting July 1st of this year, the foundation will be broken and the building will commence. President Darrell laid out the plan to Askins last week and got the Alumni Association along with both soccer coaches to approve. Darrell commented, “We must do what is best for the student body to add more quality housing and keep up with the recent boom in applications.”

Kentucky Wesleyan College is seeing an increase in prospective students and with that they see this as an opportunity to grow the campus and create a more college environment. While the school has prided themselves on being a small college, they feel as though this new dorm will be a way to expand more opportunities for on campus living.
The administration has wondered for years as to why the people that live on campus immediately leave for off campus living whenever they become eligible. Dean Kramer added, “This new hall will provide a more up to date housing area and still resemble the apartment style in Stadium. We want our students to stay on campus and grow as one large family.”

It seems as though the entire community on campus is very excited and the students are looking forward to the new housing. The school has said they will be apartment style, but they will be given all the commodities from Massie. The carpets will be new and the appliances will be state of the art. When asked about funding President Darrell only had this to say, “Let’s just say I called in a favor from an old friend of this city and he found some buried treasure he thought he would share”
With that said, it’s up to the people of Kentucky Wesleyan to determine the mystery donor. The mystery donor has been able to remain anonymous aside from the quote we got from President Darrell. Regardless, the school is grateful and they will gladly build this new dorm the mystery donor’s honor.

Also, happy April Fools’ Day.

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President Darrell Changing Look of Wesleyan