Panogram Asks: Easter Edition

Simeon Pogue, Features Editor

Spring has sprung and Easter is upon us! This time of year is known for many things, the end of the semester is approaching, the weather is getting warmer, and the search for that last minute Easter outfit is on. But what do students think? Panogram asked students, “What does Easter mean to you?” Here are some of their responses.

“It means resurrection, rebirth, it means I can start over.” – Corey Moore

“When I think of easter I think of love and thanks. I also think about how brutal the crucifixion was and everything that Jesus went through for me. It means a lot to me.” – Kerry Showers

“I think of the blood that Jesus shed for us and how the blood purifies our sins. I think of a happiness and rejoicing because we don’t have to go through what he went through.” – Nadia Wilkes

“Easter at my house is crazy because we are fat, loud, and Polish!” – Michelle Trenda

“If I’m being brutally honest, it means I’m doing a lot of church services. My family doesn’t do anything for Easter.” – Heather Lacy

“I think about of the effect that Jesus has had on my life from rising and the time spent with family.” Kaitlin Miller

“Spending time with your family, and enjoying what Easter is really about – Celebrating the return of Jesus.” – Dillon Schueler

“It’s a time to celebrate Jesus with your family!” – Keeley Ham

“Going to church, spending time with family, eating, Easter egg hunt, and celebrating that Jesus came back.” – Megan Cook

“Seeing my family for the first time this semester!” – Emily Yocom

“Food… Really good food with your family that you love. It means catfish!” – Katie Black

“Family but also the resurrection of Christ.” – Amber Pendergraft

“Easter means spending time with family, and it’s a reminder of Jesus’ sacrifice for me.” –Arielle Geary

“Easter is a time of celebrating Christ’s death and resurrection and forgiveness of our sins.” – Alex Velez

“Chocolate bunnies and Easter egg hunting!” – Jordan Roberts

“It’s a reverence of the day that changed history. My life will forever be changed because of the sacrifice that was made over 2,000 years ago.” – Simeon Pogue