Volunteer Power Outage: What and Why

Jaclyn Parker, Guest Contributor

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Tuesday, March 24! Save the date!

On March 24, some of Kentucky Wesleyan’s students will to conduct a school wide black out. That means, we need your help! On average, the school spends around $30,000 dollars on electricity each month. Professor Connelly, who teaches Writing Workshop at KWC, wants to help save money for us students. This is a voluntary black out organized by a class, and we, as a class, need as many participants as possible, including you.

With this power outage, the class will be able to see how much money we can save if we all made an effort to lower our electrical usage. During the duration of our observations, we will read electricity meters to see how much kilowatts we use every day. We know the data for a typical Wesleyan day, and now we need your help to lower the amount of kilowatts on our voluntary power outage day.

Tuition is around $30,000 dollars. On average, the school spends $30,000-$35,000 dollars on electricity every month. In the month of February 2015, we spent $41,000 dollars on electricity. In August, when no one was living on campus yet, we spent $40,700. That is ridiculous! The amount of money we spend when no one is on campus is almost the same amount as when people are living on campus. To run electricity for our campus is very expensive. Other schools that have bigger campuses have lower electricity bills because their students are aware of the problem of high electricity prices and try to cut down on their use.

By participating in this event, you can be a part of fixing the cost of anything to a lower price. All you have to do on March, 24, which is this coming Tuesday, is try to conserve as much power as possible, such as turning the lights out when you don’t need them or go outside and do something instead of playing video games all day. Since it is going to be warmer out, open the windows and let the breeze cool down your room instead of using your A/C unit.

The voluntary power outage does not literally mean a power outage. You can use electricity on Tuesday, but try to keep the electrical use to a minimum. The whole point of this observation is to see if we can change our habits and try to save the energy we use every day. So please, participate! Help us see what prices we can lower.


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