Campus Upgrade Frozen with the Weather

Mike Hellmueller, Managing Editor

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Kendall renovations were well underway when Mother Nature decided to get involved.
Owensboro was hit with a historic amount of snow and record low temperatures over the last two weeks and that seemed to put a damper on the facelift campus was receiving.
However, when the temperature began to climb slightly above 20 degrees, the men from Independence Bank went back to work. It was very symbolic as Kentucky Wesleyan College has embraced this ‘never say die’ attitude about itself. KWC will never quit on its students, and those workers would not let the weather stop them from completing their job.
This is a sign to me. Being on campus for four years, I have seen and heard it all from everyone. I know this school and community is filled with amazing people who have brilliant ideas, but most of the time those ideas are not seen to completion. Now, I feel as though the tide is turning.
It all started last year with new President Bart Darrell breathing life into the campus and showing us all that we need to be even more proud of what we have here. This new-found confidence reverberated through the halls of the classrooms and onto the fields and courts of the athletic teams. Now, the changes can be seen physically with the increased amounts of students on campus and the new advancements. I understand those men and women do not work for the school, but they unknowingly displayed the new mindset the people of KWC have obtained.
This year has been one filled with adversity, whether it was the weather outside, the students schedule inside, the athletic competition, or the own personal battles we face every day. Nothing will stop the momentum we have built here. Nothing can keep us from achieving the ultimate goal of success.
When those hard working men and women finish the upgrade to Kendall and they are able to re-open the residence hall, the campus living will be greatly improved. The students will feel less crammed into other dorms and those who are lucky enough to be placed in the new dorms will enjoy the fresh look. This added room also means the ability to house more people and more money from tuition.
By coming together as one family and uniting to find our true selves, this can become one of the most special places across the country. Why you may ask? Simply put, no other school can match our history coupled with our love of God and each other. We have a unique bond here as a small school to live for one another. This sense of pride will lead us to the mountain top. If we can continue this idea that we will never quit and we will never let anything stop us, Kentucky Wesleyan College will be around for a very long time.

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