Spring Semester is Here and So are Classes

Mike Hellmueller, Managing Editor

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It’s time to trade in the last of the Christmas cookies for $300 Flex dollars because classes are back in session here at Kentucky Wesleyan College.

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen; bring the new Christmas presents with you when you move back into the dorms and show your roommates all the gadgets you got over the break. It’s like getting to enjoy Christmas all over again with your college family.

Everyone has made his/her way back to campus and is ready for the new semester. Some people will notice some new faces in the classroom and our senior class will be preparing to graduate into the real world. While the newness wears away quicker for the spring semester, the family atmosphere never fades away.

The buzz that was created at the end of last year has maintained throughout this school year as President Darrell has continued the momentum he started in his first year on the job. The fall was great, but this spring semester is poised to be one for the ages.
The spring brings new life to the campus as the trees grow back their leaves, the grass grows green again and we slowly thaw out from the bitterness of winter. Everyone will be back in shorts and t-shirts ready for the long days of summer to arrive. However, the students on campus need to remember they have to finish off this semester before they dive back into the pool for the summer.

This is the most demanding semester because the weather is great and the classroom is not somewhere anybody wants to be. The grind of educating themselves during the time of the year where all of God’s creations are blooming is a trying time. Those long nights in the library studying for exams and that finals week will be such a difficult task amongst the joys surrounding us. This will be testing but the student body is ready for the challenge being presented in front of them.

In the meanwhile, if students are looking for something to do to enjoy a beautiful spring day, stop by the tennis courts and watch the team play, walk over to the softball or baseball fields and watch them play, or simply head to the quad and play some Frisbee golf. Take a break from the grind and enjoy the beautiful weather.
This is a time also for the seniors to enjoy their last moments of college. This is the time where they must start preparing for the real world ahead of them or they may look to graduate school to further their education. As a senior myself, I want the year to be one nobody ever forgets.

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