Progress Made with Kendall Hall

Mike Hellmueller, Managing Editor

Kendall Hall is receiving a massive face lift, along with major upgrades inside the rooms and floors.

The construction has been a slow and difficult process, but progress is finally starting to be seen. Upon arrival on campus, the student body will notice more construction areas and parts around Kendall Hall. The crews have been working extremely hard to get this project completed.

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with Dean Kramer regarding the project and he is very pleased with how it is going. He provided me with the renderings above in order to give students an idea of what it is going to look like.

Dean Kramer outlined how each room will have the ability to control the temperature in that room like Massie Hall. These rooms are designed for two people to live in them and the people living in Kendall Hall will have elevator access to all floors. The second and third floors will have lounge or study areas for the students to use freely and all furniture in each room will be easily movable to allow rooms to have a personal touch to them.

Upon entering the first floor lobby, students will immediately notice the new food preparation area. There will be two stoves, a sink, and a table with chairs for students to cook for themselves or a large group. There will also be an area with couches and a television.

After hearing these new and exciting details, Dean Kramer explained how the new and improved Kendall Hall will be a coed building similar to Deacon Hall. There will be designated wings and floors for males and females. He also detailed how the basement will include laundry facilities and two rooms dedicated to student use. They can be used for programming or campus groups. They could also be used for classroom spaces to study.

This new information is great news for everyone earlier in the year who was concerned with the progress of the renovations. Dean Kramer was also excited to get the news out and assure all the people on campus the administration had not forgotten about Kendall Hall. While a date was not given as to its completion, Kentucky Wesleyan College can rest assured the new and improved Kendall Hall will be well worth the wait. People will be lining up to live here and it will be a vast improvement from the reputation that followed Kendall Hall previously.

Hopefully with the sudden surge in enrollment, Kendall Hall will be full of eager students ready to break in the new living space. Kentucky Wesleyan College will embrace the new dorm and make it a destination spot to keep people living on campus. After all, that is the goal to get more people living on campus. This is the first step in that process.