Sustaining Wesleyan Momentum

Mike Hellmueller, Managing Editor

The past two years at Kentucky Wesleyan College have been some of the most important and successful years in the history of the college.

Anyone on campus understands the growth and development that has occurred and must realize the need to maintain these strides.

Walking around on campus it is obvious for any outsider to see the change in atmosphere at Kentucky Wesleyan College. Things were great before, but President Bart Darrell and Athletic Director Jim Askins have brought with them a newfound energy to inject life into a sleeping giant. These two men have brought with them a desire to put Wesleyan on the map. They want to be here and they want to make Wesleyan a destination for prospective students.

As a team, these two men have set the foundation for building toward the future. They have brought athletics and academics together to make this school a place people do not want to leave. Being a senior, I have been around a long time and understand what it takes to be successful as a college. I used to long for the weekends to leave campus and go home. However, as I began to grow more and more with the college, I never want to leave Wesleyan. This place has become home.

With all the successes Kentucky Wesleyan College has gained, they cannot sit on their laurels and allow the momentum they have gradually built to go by the waist side. In order to continue the success and grow the college, they must expand their reach and bring in the new students to increase the population of students. By appealing to more prospective students, they will increase the student numbers and thus increase the financial revenue needed by the college.

The method needed to grow is an intense partnership with athletics and academics.

Obviously this year, students on campus have seen the expansion in the athletic department with the new club basketball team and the Junior Varsity baseball team. More teams on campus mean more opportunities for high school students to continue their playing careers. Students increasing mean more tuition from students on campus.

If we continue to bring in athletes on campus, this will get the word out to the country about Wesleyan and the family atmosphere we thrive in. This will entice non athletic students to look at the curriculum here and they will not be able to resist the urge to join our unique lifestyle. Our academic programs are second to none and constantly trying to find ways to improve. By using athletics, we can increase awareness and make Kentucky Wesleyan College a regional destination for students looking for a small college feel.

Following this plan will lead Kentucky Wesleyan down a road of prosperous growth and fortune in the future. I hope this college grows because I am proud of my time here at Kentucky Wesleyan College. I want nothing but the best for this place and will do all that I can upon graduating to make it happen. This is the attitude that must be embedded within everyone graduating from Wesleyan because as alumni we can influence our children or friends children to choose Kentucky Wesleyan College.