Meet the New Assistant Dean of Student Life: Louise Clausen

Jack Kiely, Features Editor

The office of Assistant Dean of Student Life has been filled! Now joining the Kentucky Wesleyan College family is Louise Clausen. Clausen began working on November 5th at the college and has already acclimated herself to her job responsibilities and the students around campus. It is an exciting time at the school and she is perfect to step in and help guide students in a positive direction.

Louise Clausen may be the new Assistant Dean, but she is not new to Kentucky Wesleyan College. Clausen is a Kentucky Wesleyan alumna who was more than excited to return to her undergraduate school when she found out that she had received the job. Clausen graduated with a degree in art and two minors in sociology and psychology while being very active on campus. She was involved in many student life functions, including Greek Life and an early Student Activities Programing Board. The lessons and experiences that she acquired while attending Kentucky Wesleyan has made her very personable and relatable to any student at the college.

After attending Kentucky Wesleyan College, Clausen went on to earn a Master’s Degree in Student Personnel Administration in Higher Education from Ball State University. After that she quickly moved to the University of Minnesota, Morris where she was a Hall Director and Program Advisor. She then returned to Kentucky Wesleyan to be a Hall Director, where she gained even more Resident Life experience. Then at USI Louise worked as an Area Coordinator. Also an important part of her job experience would come from being an Assistant Dean of Student Life at St. Andrews Presbyterian College and Hanover College. These qualifications make Clausen the perfect person to take the job.

Clausen is also a very friendly and personable person. She can truly understand the needs of students and can be empathetic to many of her student’s needs and situations. Louise is the mother of two college daughters, one at Indiana University and the other at the University of Cincinnati. She lives with her two dogs, Buster Ramone and Kitty, and her cat Suleiman. In addition to work credentials, she has been a counselor, a family case manager, a crisis manager, and has worked with the Department of Natural Resources. She has dealt with disciplinary issues and knows how to deal with students in that regard.

Clausen couldn’t be happier to be here at Kentucky Wesleyan College in her new position. In an interview with her, she stated, “I am excited to work with the campus and find it fantastic to be back.” There is no doubt in the truth to this statement. In the week that Clausen has been here, she has already met with many on campus organizations, visited many Facebook pages, and taken a personal interest in maintaining the dorms. She is ready to start planning events like Greek Week and has expressed interest in pulling for more alumni support for different groups on campus.

It can already be seen that Louise Clausen is not going to do anything but improve our college. With her previous experience, positive attitude, and personal connection to Kentucky Wesleyan, Clausen is the right person to be the new Assistant Dean of Student Life. The students on campus and the future of the Student Life Office can expect nothing less than excellence in this exciting new time. The campus will surely benefit from Clausen’s presence here at Kentucky Wesleyan College.