Thanksgiving Editorial: Family Is Essential to Survival

Mike Hellmueller, Managing Editor

As the holiday season and finals week loom over the heads of us all, let us not forget the most important thing in our lives, family.

Family is what will save us all from lunacy and keep us from falling into the pit of self-loathing during this most stressful time of the year. These are the people we need to lean on when times get rough and too tough to tackle alone.

As a whole, KWC does a phenomenal job of creating a home away from home. This place has become a safe haven for not only me but for everyone who truly buys into the message of President Bart Darell and the Kentucky Wesleyan College staff. This is a unique asset to this place, but nothing can replace your true family because they will love you through anything.

While Kentucky Wesleyan does an unbelievable job of establishing the family atmosphere away from home, nothing truly replaces the loved ones we all have back at home. During these holiday times, we all need to make an effort to call them once and a while and let them know everything is okay. Use them to help you get through your last tough exams and have them be your rock in times of stress when you feel like you have been studying for 3 days straight. Trust me, your mom and dad will get more joy from simply hearing your voice and they will do whatever they can to help you relieve some stress.

While you are here dealing with final preparations, they are at home missing you dearly, preparing for the Thanksgiving break and Christmas break approaching. Therefore, if you are lucky enough to return home for the holidays, enjoy the moments you have with your family because it does not last forever. These are the times where you should cherish the traditions and meals with the ones you love because these times are running short. Soon we will all be doing our own things and starting our families and we may not be able to get together with our loved ones as often as we would like.

When or if you go home for the holidays, try not to have to take school with you. Work as hard as you can to not have to do any work on the holiday season because that is a time you should be relaxed, but at the same time you are going to have to keep whoever is cooking Thanksgiving dinner calm. The most important part of life is family because those are the people who truly care about you. They want you to come home happy and healthy.

This holiday season, do them a favor and come home with a smile on your face. Finish up preparations for finals, long-term projects, and papers before the holiday break so you can go home and enjoy time with your family. If you’re stressing out, just pick up the phone and call your mom and dad or family member and let them talk you down off the ledge. Just always remember, the ones you love the most will do the most for you.