Black Student Union to Celebrate Alumni Weekend

Brian Thomas, Features Reporter and Sports Editor


The Black Student Union of Kentucky Wesleyan College, also known as the B.S.U., is inviting all to come out and support our alumni during alumni weekend. It is taking place right here at Kentucky Wesleyan University the weekend of October 31st. We plan to have 3 days full of fun, food and music as we celebrate and welcome back our alumni during Alumni weekend.

The B.S.U. will be hosting this year’s alumni event in an effort to network with past and present students. Our hope and goal is to build a strong bond and a supportive relationship with all. As proud hosts of this special event, the goal of the B.S.U. is to engage all students of Kentucky Wesleyan, past, present and future to create an atmosphere of fun, merriment and expectation for future events.   We will be celebrating this grand time with good music and plenty of food as well.

The B.S.U. is a cultural organization whose purpose is to make everyone feel welcome. We are here to provide assistance and encouragement to ensure that all are prepared and have a successful educational experience while at Kentucky Wesleyan University. In addition to providing encouragement we are also focused on increasing the membership of majority and minority students in our organization. To promote togetherness and unity and educate others about the culture and heritage of African Americans is our ultimate goal.

So, come out Alumni Weekend and let’s meet and greet and celebrate those who have passed through the great halls of Kentucky Wesleyan University. We look forward to meeting as many alumni as possible to engage and promote togetherness and unity within the K.W.C community. We, the B.S.U. are really excited about hosting this special event and look forward to meeting you there. Go Panthers!