Sophomores React to Sophomore Experience Program

Linda Albrect, Features Editor

In the last issue, the Panogram explored what the new Sophomore Experience at Kentucky Wesleyan College was and why it was implemented. In this issue, we looked to see what the a few sophomores think about the new program.

Sophomore Alyssa Thomas’ experience has been positive. “My journey through sophomore experience this year has been successful so far,” she said. “Becca McQueen has done such a great job coordinating all the events. One of my favorite events so far has been helping with the buddy walk at Smothers Park a couple weekends ago.” She continued, explaining why she thinks the program is so successful. “Through this program, students get to participate in events such as learning how to manage money and relieve stress, all while having fun! I believe this program will continue to be successful and hope to see it used in future years,” she finished.

Sophomore Kristen Arflack echoed Alyssa’s sentiments. “The Sophomore experience for me has been great so far this year! I have been very involved with it since the first week here on campus,” she said. She went on to explain some of the events she was involved in. “I participated in the Sophomore Summit, one Learn More meeting, two Be More meetings, and one mystery bus trip that was to the Tennessee Titans game,” she said. She went on, explaining which event she is most excited about. “Also, over winter break, I plan to attend the Give The Kids the World service trip. We get to spend a week in Orlando Florida and work with children who are terminally ill and who have cancer or other diseases. Because we will be there on New Years we will be throwing them a New Year’s Eve party that I am extremely excited for!” She finished, “I can’t wait for all the other opportunities I am going to receive through the Sophomore Experience, and I think it is a fantastic thing to have here on campus.”

Sophomore Emily Yocom thinks this program is a great opportunity. “The Sophomore Summit was a great idea to get the Sophomores involved and has worked out fantastically for those who have participated,” she said. “It is a great way to stay involved and reach out. I’m especially excited for the Sophomore Serves opportunity at Christmas to help out with Give Kids the World!” she continued. She explained that although this program is new, it has great potential. “While this experience is still in the beginning stages, I believe it is a great idea. There are so many opportunities sophomores are getting, that even upperclassmen are asking for a junior and senior experience!” she said.

Sophomore Heather Knight relates how thankful she is for the program. “I really appreciate the opportunity that this program has given the sophomore class,” she said. She goes on to explain exactly how this program is helping students. “There are fun events, as well as events to better ourselves as students and as people. We are literally learning to ‘Learn More, Lead More, and Be More,’ just like the sophomore experience motto says. They [the seminars] are teaching us life skills like money management, stress management, and time management. These skills are so important to achieve success in life, and I feel as if they are really giving us the tools we need to do just that.”

Sophomore Elissa Starheim has had a slightly different Sophomore experience than most. “Coming to KWC as a sophomore transfer, I didn’t know anyone,” she explained. “The Sophomore Experience allowed me to try new things and meet some of my closest friends. Looking back, I think the Sophomore Experience is the reason why I was able to become a member of the Kentucky Wesleyan community so quickly,” she said. “I am very grateful for those who have made this program possible,” she closed.