Lock Up Your Stuff or Risk Losing It

Mike Hellmueller, Managing Editor

Theft is such a petty crime, but even those of us at Kentucky Wesleyan College are not safe from this terrible act.

Here at KWC, we have created a community centered on helping each other and being united as one big family. Therefore, events like the ones that happened on September 18th it rocks the core of the campus and puts everyone on edge.

For those unaware, on September 18th there was a massive robbery of several athletes on the football team while they were at early morning practice. The police were called and an investigation has ensued and still may be ongoing. There have been several reports of students having things stolen from their rooms in Massie and Stadium.

The thievery is not the biggest problem because that happens at every college or university across the country. The real issue is that someone on campus has the freedom to walk in and out of a locker room undeterred by anyone. No person, on the team or not, should just be able to walk into the locker room without having to have a key or code to punch in.

I understand the funding is unavailable for the campus to put punch code key pads on the locker rooms of every team, and they cannot control who locks their dorm doors and who does not. However, there needs to be a better for of security to prevent things like this from happening. It discredits everything we stand for at KWC when one individual ruins that sanctity that flows through the campus. I propose that the school step in and make some upgrades to athletic locker rooms and dorm rooms.


The first thing that must happen is that every athlete on teams that have locker rooms needs to have a way that only coaches and players have a way to get into the locker room. Whether this way means buying a keypad or going to Walmart and making a copy of the key for all players, something must be done to fix this problem. This way if some theft does occur, the suspects are narrowed down considerably to team members and coaches. It would prevent the search from being campus-wide to just specific teams.

The next thing that needs to happen is their needs to be an initiative across campus to get the residents to lock their doors. KWC should make it a mandatory policy that students lock their doors or a fine is enforced. Also, the campus needs more cameras around every building to prevent any petty crime from occurring over night or when the security team is away. Students must realize that they have to make every precaution to prevent these things from happening and the only way to make them understand is hit them in the pocket book. If this happens, the life on campus will be more peaceful and the students will be safer.

These acts are selfish and wrong and cannot be tolerated by the administration, security, or the student body. This campus has been my home for four years and I have also fallen victim to theft by a teammate. It is like being punched in the gut and laughed at. The feeling is one that nobody should ever have to feel. We pride ourselves here at KWC on being family; well family does not steal from one another. As a family, we must come together and make our home a destination of peace instead of a place of fear.