Benefits of Living in Owensboro

Addie Reimbold, Panogram Reporter

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Owensboro, Kentucky is a well known river-city located on the Ohio River with the fourth largest population in the state. Here we are, Kentucky Wesleyan College, settled in the heart of such a unique and growing community. Wesleyan is also growing in population. This fall freshmen enrollment increased by 42% with 232 students in the 2018 class. Also, attributing to the growth are the 59 transfers to Wesleyan. With students entering the community from 18 different states and seven countries, many students may not be aware of the opportunities surrounding the flourishing campus.
Just 2.3 miles down the road sits the riverfront, a prospering area that was reconstructed two years ago. A six minute drive to multiple eateries, shops, park benches, and walkways where you can enjoy the fall weather and scenery that is quickly approaching. Sophomore Jennifer Walker-Crawford shared, “Downtown Owensboro has developed into a wonderful area that has many attractions that can provide an outlet from campus life.”
Some of the restaurants special to Owensboro include Bee Bops, Bistro, Fetta, Old Hickory Bar-B-Q, Rolling Pins, and The Creme Coffee Shop. Fetta, a specialty pizza and spirits restaurant, is closely tied to Kentucky Wesleyan because one of the owners is an alumni. Senior Paige Kramer expressed her thoughts, “I enjoy going to Fetta’s because they have such a wide variety of pizza topping combinations and live music on the weekends if you’re lucky.”
Bee Bops is an American restaurant that will take you back to the 1950’s when you walk through the doors. They are known for their burgers, fries, and shakes and a groovy atmosphere. The Creme is a locally owned coffee shop with free Wi-Fi and a scenic outdoor seating area. It would be a great place to go study with friends or just enjoy a cup of coffee! Old Hickory has wonderful bar-b-q and won the Grill Master contest in 2012.
Junior Nikos Agisilaou, a resident of Owensboro, stated “Rollin’ Pin is my favorite donut place here in town because it is really small and the employees know me when I walk in.

I would have to recommend the strawberry cake donut to anyone who goes there.”

— Nikos Agisilaou

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President Bart Darrell expressed how lucky we are to have the River Park Center, an entertainment center that hosts musical acts and other events, available to the students, “Not many college campuses have access to a cultural place like the River Park Center. Students should really take advantage of the student prices that are offered because it is a great experience.”
An easily overlooked destination in Owensboro is Rudy Mine Trails at Ben Hawes Park. These trails were revitalized in 2012 and there are now 11 miles of trails that accommodate a variety of hikers’ fancies. The trails vary from paved paths through neighborhoods to rigorous terrain for intense mountain bikers.
Another event that is coming to the area is the Owensboro Flea Market. The Flea Market will be in town October 3rd, 4th, and 5th with free parking and only a dollar for admission. This is a thrifty way to find almost any item you may be thinking about purchasing. Also, the Air Show is coming to town on October 4th. This free show is performed by the US Army Golden Knights. They will perform free fall demonstrations over the Ohio River starting at 1:30 pm and ending at approximately 3:30 pm. Don’t miss the chance to see the show from the world’s best parachute demonstration team.
As the fall season approaches don’t stay cooped up in your dorm room. Winter weather will be here soon enough. Go out and explore all that Owensboro has to offer while you still have the chance.​

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