Fraternity Recruitment

Wilson Buckner, Features Reporter

Kentucky Wesleyan College continues its rich tradition of Greek life with a successful Fall Fraternity Rush. Sigma Nu, Sigma Alpha Mu, and Sigma Phi Epsilon are pleased with the number of potential new members. Each fraternity held a variety of get togethers for potential new members to meet with fraternity members and learn about the history and traditions.  According the Interfraternity Chairman, Jack Kiely, “

KWC Greek life is currently thriving…”

— Jack Kiely

.” Kentucky Wesleyan’s Fall student enrollment has increased. With the increased enrollment, Keilly believes, “there are many more men wanting to be part of a fraternity.”


For one week, each fraternity had three “round robin” events, with groups of men rotating among the fraternities every 25 minutes. One evening Sigma Nu hosted a dinner for prospective new members. On separate evenings, Sigma Pi Epsilon and Sigma Alpha Mu each noted separate events. These events helped Wesleyan’s fraternities increase their potential new membership. Sigma Nu recruited ten potential new members, Sigma Phi Epsilon added 16 potential new members, and Sigma Alpha Mu added eight potential new members.

These new members, along with the existing fraternity members, are part of an important tradition of Wesleyan’s campus life. This tradition began as early as the 1920s and continued when the regional fraternities joined with national fraternities in the late 1950s and 1960s.

Fraternities are not just an important part of campus life at KWC. The members are involved in the local Owensboro community, volunteering their time and talents to benefit a variety of  local needs. Several fraternities, such as Sigma Nu, also have annual fund raising campaigns for organizations like St. Jude’s Hospital. As an integral part of campus life, fraternities continue to provide brotherhood and fellowship for our campus community.