Sorority Recruitment

Linda Albrecht, News Editor

The first week in September proved to be one of the most important weeks of the school year for both of the sororities on campus. While both Kappa Delta and Alpha Omicron Pi had been preparing from the start of school year, and even into the summer, September 2nd marked the start of formal sorority recruitment. Formal recruitment started with reading of the rules to all the PNMs, or potential new members, on Tuesday evening. The week then also included Information Night, Theme Night, Preference Night, and, best of all, Bid Day on Sunday. Bid Day is the day on which each PNM who received a bid find out which sorority she will be joining. The day is just as, if not more, exciting for the girls who already make up the chapters of AOII and KD than for the new members, because on Bid Day, they find out which of the girls they have grown close to throughout the week will be joining their sisterhood.

Helping guide the PNMs through the week are Sarah Begley, the Greek Advisor, and Pan-Hellenic Council. Pan-Hellenic Council is made up of girls from both sorority chapters. These members are forced to give up their letters and any affiliation they have with their chapter throughout the summer until the end of recruitment. This helps them be fair and unbiased while guiding PNMs throughout the week. Pan-Hellinic President, AOII’s Marissa Olivero, shares her thoughts on her first recruitment experience on the other side.

“With a new Greek Advisor and a new PanHellenic Council, we were all kind of going at things blind. As President I was a little overwhelmed because I did not know what to expect,””

— Marissa Olivero

 Olivero stated. “Honestly,” she confided, “it was hard. Rewriting rules, dealing with consequences, and many other things were difficult to get the hang of, but I made it through with the help of Sarah and the amazing Panhellenic Council.”

“We tried to keep the general structure close to last year as much as possible,” she continued. “The main thing we changed was Bid Day. Last year the girls got their bids individually in the Routunda, then were put in groups and sent out as a group to run to their sorority in the HRC. This year girls opened their bids in a group and then ran to their sorority individually in front of Winchester.” Kappa Delta president, Sara Fleischmann, was impressed with the Bid Day changes. “I really liked the Bid Day structure this year where the girls came out quickly,” she said. “I think it was much more exciting that way, and we got to meet our new sisters even quicker than before!” Fleischmann was even more thrilled with the results of Bid Day than she was with the structure change. “Recruitment was fantastic,” Sara said. “We get to welcome new members into our circle. We were so proud to welcome 14 of the most honorable, beautiful, and highest new members on Bid Day!” Alpha Omicron Pi’s Vice President of Recruitment, Haleigh Stringer, praised this year’s recruitment as well. “Our second recruitment went fantastic this year,” Stringer said. “Having a year under our belt and knowing what to expect made things run much smoother than in the past. We are all so proud of all 16 of our new members!”

The new members seemed to have been as excited about this year’s recruitment as the previous members were. “Going through recruitment was exciting but nerve racking,” new Kappa Delta Courtney Barter confessed. “I got to know so many awesome people that I will now have as friends for the rest of my life, whether they joined the same chapter or not,” she continued. “Bid day was so awesome. Running out of the door to my new family and having them surround me as if they had known me there whole lives was the best feeling anyone could ask for!” she finished.

AOII’s new member, Brook Vandeveer echoed Barter’s thoughts. “Being the one going through recruitment it was nerve wrecking., but these girls are so inspiring and so welcoming that they made it seem so much easier,” she stated. “On bid day meeting my new sisters was the best experience I could ever have and even though I’ve known them for about 3 days these girls are already my true sisters,” Vandeveer added.

While Marissa Olivero and Sara Fleischmann come from different sororities, both believe going Greek is a wonderful decision. “I’m am thrilled for AOII and their new members,” Fleischmann said. “Going Greek was one of the best decisions I have made in college, so the fact that 30 women chose to do the same on Bid Day is very exciting!” Olivero summed up her feelings. “Going Greek is an amazing thing. You meet people you will have in your life forever, not just four years. I would recommend it to anyone, the experience is life changing.”



Alpha Omicron Pi’s chapter before their new additions on Theme Night. Contributed by Linda Albrecht.
Alpha Omicron Pi’s chapter before their new additions on Theme Night. Contributed by Linda Albrecht.


Kappa Delta’s new members on Bid Day. Contributed by Sarah Fleischmann