Welcome Back, but Mostly Welcome Home

Mike Hellmeuller, Managing Editor

Arriving back on campus this year was a sight to see! With all the new faces, Kentucky Wesleyan College is poised to build off the momentum we created last school year.

The buzz around campus is unmistakable for returning students. Coming back for my senior year, I have noticed the up-beat and positive attitudes flowing through the halls of the school, dorms, and playing fields. The most interesting thing is this change was so simple, but it has just now come to fruition.

The first thing everyone will notice is the sheer amount of people on campus. With an extremely large freshman class accompanied by the junior college transfers, KWC seems to be full of fresh faces. All of the new students and returners combined to fill up the resident halls, even with Kendall Hall still empty. I finally feel as though the college is actually beginning to feel like a college.

To handle the influx of students, KWC has revamped the resident halls. Stadium has seen the floors go from the white cracking tile to a nice formal carpet. The white fencing has been removed and the rails repainted to give the hall a nice face lift. The other resident halls have been cleaned and revamped to handle the increase in population.

Not only have the resident halls seen changes, the school itself has undergone some changes in policy. The library is no longer offering free tutors to students. However, they have agreed with the professors to establish some classes with special instructors to lead study sessions and assist anyone in the class who needs help. Also, Dr. Turner has stepped down as the president, but now Bart Darrell has been appointed to replace him. With President Darrell at the helm, KWC is poised to continue the growth and establishment that had begun under Dr. Turner.

To accompany these changes, the athletic teams have undergone some alterations. Many teams on campus have adopted a JV program. This allowed coaches to bring in more players and increase competition within their teams. There also have been some new sports added to campus, such as a women’s bowling team, that has added to the hype surrounding the school. These teams are able to bring the student body together in a special way.

I believe that all these changes are amazing for our college. We need funding, but we are on track to solving that problem. This freshman class could be the ones that start the turn around. If we as a whole campus community continue to build upon the momentum and thrive in this opportunity, this place will become even more special.

For all the new people I would like to personally welcome you to Kentucky Wesleyan College, and thank you for reading the Panogram. We are about making everyone aware of the important things going on around campus and I hope that we meet your reading needs. This is a special place and there are special people here to help you in any way you can imagine. Take advantage of every resource you have been given and pursue all your dreams. KWC is more than just a school, this is your extended family and we hope you enjoy your time here.