Four Things You Should Do Before Next Semester

Hailey Neal, Staff Writer

With the spring semester coming to a close, most people on campus are shocked at how fast time seems to have gone. Before we know it, the fall semester will be upon us, and we’ll be back on campus. If you want to be as productive as possible on your break, there are a few ways to keep yourself busy and prepare for the next school year.

Get organized: Exceptional organization is the heartbeat of a successful semester. Be sure to look over your schedule in detail and double-check that you’re signed up for the classes you need. Talk to your advisor if you expect to graduate in the coming year and be sure that you’re on track.

Get a part-time job or internship: Summer break is the perfect time to find the internship you need or make some extra cash. During these few months, you can build up your resume and gain experience in a temporary position. Internships and part-time jobs are also great networking opportunities, so don’t wait to find one!

Do your research: Now is the time to start looking at graduate schools and job opportunities. Use the next few months to research and decide your career path and study for entrance exams like the GRE. Use this time to learn a new skill – maybe it’s finally time to become proficient at Microsoft Excel!

Enjoy your summer: You earned it! Use your free time to work on a hobby, travel, or spend time with your family before you make your way back to campus. Make a summer bucket list and have some fun before it’s time to return to a life of lectures and studying.