Should You Take a Communication Course?

Hailey Neal, Staff Writer

Communication Arts is one of the numerous majors offered at Kentucky Wesleyan. As someone following that path, I have long understood how important basic communication skills are in any part of daily life. However, this truth isn’t restricted by someone’s degree. Effective communication is important to anyone’s career success. Aside from Writing Workshop and Computer Literacy, there are no general education requirements for communication at KWC. The Kentucky Wesleyan College Academic Bulletin states that the purpose of the General Education Program is to cultivate a broad educational experience for students so they can accomplish several learning outcomes, including communicating effectively. There are two CART courses that would benefit every student on campus and give incoming freshmen a better look at the program completely.

Firstly, CART141: Basic Public Speaking. For those with no desire to stand in front of a crowd and speak, this course seems rather intimidating. Nevertheless, this course helps students push themselves and develop their confidence to share their thoughts. These types of skills are important for any academic division whether it be presenting research, debating social issues, or teaching in a classroom.

Next, CART311: Organization Communications. This course gives students an in-depth look at how the core of any office, team, or administration functions. Students learn how communication flows in both small and large organizations, increasing their understanding of the importance of employee satisfaction and workplace relationships. These skills are vital to any businessperson, entrepreneur, humanitarian, or anyone within any type of organization.

It is evident that understanding and applying communication skills in one’s college curriculum forms the well-rounded graduate that employers desire. Because of this, Kentucky Wesleyan should include a CART course in the general education requirements for all students.