Kentucky Wesleyan Announces 2022 Inductees to the Order of Oak and Ivy

Hailey Neal, Staff Writer

Kentucky Wesleyan College honored the newest inductees to the Order of Oak and Ivy at the 68th Annual Order of Oak and Ivy Awards Banquet on April 8th. Oak and Ivy is the highest honor a student can receive at Kentucky Wesleyan. It is presented each year to six students who faculty and staff believe best represent KWC’s values of “spiritual leadership, intellectual ability, strength of character, dedication of purpose, and devotion to Christian ideals in seeking to promote the interests and welfare of Kentucky Wesleyan College” ( Those inducted include Will Boultinghouse, Wiley Cain, Taylor Kloos, Sidney Reagor, Abby Tivitt, and Vincient Whatley.

Nominees this year included Jordyn Barga, Anna Bowlin, Jacob Bugay, Jenna Burns, Isaiah Catalang, Madeline Clements, Corina Conley, Emery Crume, Elijah Easterday, Meryck Hardley, Owen Krahwinkel, Angelique Laizure, Lesleigh Lowman, Aric Lyons, Lacie Mills, Austin Minton, Sashalia Ramirez, Wish Read, Erin Sexsmith, Madeline Shook, Turner Vaughn, and Alyssa Zombirt. Congratulations to each nominee and inductee!