Interview Tips

Tre Cobbs, Staff Writer

As I am nearing the finish line at Kentucky Wesleyan College, I have begun to reflect on my time here and everything I have learned and experienced. There were a lot of amazing times that I believe have prepared me for the future and what is to come. Something important that not a lot of people take the time to research, learn, or practice is job interviews. Preparation for a job interview is important and often gets overlooked. Most people think they can quickly look over who the company is and not prepare at all. Then, when it comes time to do the actual interview, there is a lot of stress and unneeded pressure built up. I would like to go over the top 5 tips with you that I believe will help you be successful in a job interview even if you do not receive the offer. These tips are research the company, come up with questions you think they may ask and prepare answers, dress suitably, be calm, confident, positive, and focused, and ask insightful questions.

First, it is very important to research the company so that in the interview when they ask what you know about the company you can tell them confidently. It is important to know as much as you can about the employer and what they are looking for. If you do not have an answer when they ask that question or why you are interested in the position with that specific company, it will be awkward and make you look uninterested.

Another job interview tip is to come up with questions you think they may ask and prepare answers. Even if they do not ask those specific questions, the preparation may help answer a similar question. It is beneficial to look through the job requirements for that particular company and think of concrete examples that correlate to those requirements and highlight those particular skills. Many times, they will ask questions that allow you to exhibit real world experiences that you have faced. There may be a couple of behavioral questions such as “tell me about a time you showed that you were proactive”. These kinds of questions allow you to showcase a specific time you experienced this in the real world which is what employers are looking for.

Everyone probably knows to dress suitably for an interview, but it is important to plan an outfit that you believe fits the culture of the company and shows that you are professional. It is better to overdress than underdress. Make sure that you look smart and confident with your outfit choice.

Being calm, confident, positive, and focused is important during a job interview because it can be stressful. Everyone wants to do their best and make a good impression, but that will happen organically if you stay calm and collected. If you put the preparation in there is nothing to be worried about, so be confident and know that you deserve to be there. Be present in the moment and do not think too far ahead. Remain positive even if they ask you a question that you do not have an answer for. It is best to be honest and tell them you need a minute to really think about that question.

Lastly, ask a lot of questions. This is one of the most important aspects of the interview process because it allows you to ask insightful questions that will not only help you but show the employer that you are interested and dedicated to knowing more about their company. Even if the person interviewing you has explained everything completely and there is nothing more you want or need to know, still ask questions.

These are tips that have worked for me throughout various job interviews, so I know they can work for you too!