Spotlight: Devin Smith and CJ Fairchild

Dalton Ney , Staff Writer

He wears number 16 on his back, and he is the Ace of the rotation for the Panthers. His name is Devin Smith and has been a top dog on the mound ever since he decided to become a panther three years ago. In his first year as a Panther he earned the title of being an All-American with lots of hope coming into this year to back that up. To start the 2021 season off, Smith pitched against Grand Valley State in the first game of the season for the Panthers. He was nothing but dominant the entire game. Smith ended the game pitching 6.1 innings, walking only three batters, and having a season high of eleven strike outs. To say the least, Smith is dominant on the mound and nots someone to take lightly when batting against.

Number 23 on the mound is formally known as CJ Fairchild. He is new to the Panther club this year being a freshman who has taken a big step when it comes to pitching. CJ is the number two starter in the Panthers pitching rotation making it known right away that he deserves to be on the mound every weekend. In his first ever college career start, Fairchild decided it was a good idea to bring his A-game to the mound that day against currently ranked #17th in the nation Ashland University. In his performance he pitched 7.0 innings, gave up only four hits, one earned run, and struck out a whooping eight batters. He also walked zero batters and as a freshman in his first college start ever this was incredibly impressive. He is a Pitbull on the mound and will come right you if you aren’t careful.