Spotlight: Brayden Sisson

Dalton Ney , Staff Writer

Seven Siss, Seven Siss, come on Seven Siss! This is usually what the dugout is yelling when number 7 Brayden Sisson is up to bat. Sisson is in his third year here at Kentucky Wesleyan College as a fifth-year senior. He holds down the left side of the infield at third base and as a pitcher you would not want to see a bat in this man’s hands. This man has some of the smoothest swings you have ever seen and puts the barrel on the ball almost every at bat it seems like if you have ever attended a Panther baseball game.


Number 7 started the day off hot against conference rival Findlay Oilers. Sisson in the first game took flight right off the bat and had three hits in his five at bats. Of the three at bats he went big fly in one of them hitting a home run, he also knocked in two runs and score twice himself helping the Panther take the first game of the four game series. In the next three games Sisson was sneaky and found his way on base multiple times and scoring twice or more in all four games against the Findlay Oilers. He ended this series with a whooping eight hits in his fourteen at bats bringing his overall batting average to .323, scoring nine times, along with four runs batted in and hitting one double. I wouldn’t throw anything around the zone because this guy can hit the ball all over the field. He is just now heating up and hitting balls right to people but on a line and hard. Once these his hard hits fall then it will be havoc for pitchers when facing number 7.