Spotlight: Ian Ellis

Dalton Ney , Staff Writer

If you have ever seen the TV show Dragon Ball Z then you would understand his nickname being Young Goku due to the main character in that show. His real name is Ian Ellis and he is a fifth year senior here at Kentucky Wesleyan College and has now been a Panther for three years now hoping to go out with a bang. He wears number 12 on the field and plays a mean left field diving and falling for balls all over the yard. Players on the team have a saying called the “the yard card” meaning one player in the dugout will hand their imaginary “yard card” to someone saying the person at the plate will hit a homerun and many times players will use theirs on Mr. Ian Ellis. This is due to his natural swing path and having lots of power to all parts of the field.


As the Panthers dominated this weekend against Ohio Valley, Ellis was huge contributor during this whole series on all aspects of the hitting side. In the first game alone, he started the series off with getting three hits in his five plate appearances. To add to this he also scored once, had one run batted in, and had a double. In the next three games against Ohio Valley, Ellis had five hits in ten at bats bringing his batting average up to a solid .300. With these three games he had he scored four separate times, he also knocked in four runs, and in the last game of this series he had one double and a homerun for the first one of the 2021 season.


The Panthers were incredibly hot going into the weekend series against University of Findlay after taking two series from Lake Erie and Ohio Valley winning all eight games. Ellis started this series off with a stick of dynamite and lit the score board up. In the first game Ellis was not slowing down by two hits out of his six at bats but hitting one homerun, scoring two times, and having four runs batting in helping the Panthers get the outstanding win against the Findlay Oilers. In the next three games Ellis did not light up the score board with hits but did score at least once every game helping the panthers sweep the Oilers in a four game series coming home with a sweep under their belts making the Panthers 12-0 in conference play. During this weekend Ellis ended up with seven runs scored and having six runs batted in for the entire weekend. Watch out for this dude because he can come at you with a lot of power when he starts getting hot.