America Speaks out After Police Brutality

Alijah McGhee , Staff Writer

Racism around the world is at an all time high. Its year 2021 and the pigmentation of your skin still dictates how most are treated. Being black in America is something unexplainable, since the late 1800 we as the African American community have had hardships and depression. We are pleading for equality when in reality the world will always be filled with hate. In human nature we always are judging others. It’s something we do without even knowing we see something and we either like it or we don’t. Race should never have anything to do on an outcome of something. With the murder of George Floyd the racial tension has sky rocketed sense recent years. As police brutality has always been a problem in America, we seek change in the world. All of these things happening over recent months are too hard to ignore.

In the black community the falling of another black victim to police hands is too much to handle. People have been losing their lives left and right. Thousands of Americans across the world are looking for their voices to be heard and they will do anything to get the point across. Cities like Minneapolis have been burned to the ground by rioters and looters. Thousands gather and the destruction continues for months and months. The marches have caused both pain and suffering, but also a way for people to grief and express their feelings. Police are pepper spraying and shooting rubber bullets at protesters as things get real intense around America.

As time goes by George Floyd will be in the back of our minds, but never will it leave. These hard times are what made us. Change is what we strive for, equality in both men and women is also something we strive for the world needs to learn how to love and not let the way someone looks dictate how you feel towards them. For the many American who believe in Christ, it is said that God created everyone in his own image and he will love his children no matter the circumstance. Love is the key to unlocking unimaginable relief to the world that nobody thought could exist.