Houston Texans Quarterback Facing Assault Allegations

Mack Guice, Staff Writer

Lately, Houston Texans’ quarterback Deshaun Watson has been battling the Houston Texans front office on finalizing a trade request. Houston’s star quarterback has not been happy with how the Texans organization has been handling the team in recent times. Watson has been holding out on negotiating another contract with the team because he has informed the organization that he wants out of Houston. This request was set in motion until the recent allegation made against Watson this spring.

On March 16, 2021 a woman came out and said that Deshaun Watson sexually assaulted her while she was on the job. Since then 22 other women set lawsuits against Watson Claiming that he also sexually assaulted them. The accusers of Watson all shared one similar narrative, which was the fact that they all were professional masseuses. They all also claimed that after scheduling a massage session with Watson, this is where he would then act inappropriately.

All the women rightfully have spoken out about feeling fearful and taken advantage of by Watson, reasons varying from his size as an NFL athlete to the fact that he is a famous athlete with a lot of power to cover things up if he wanted. Watsons allegations not only hinder him and his career but they also affect the NFL and its image as an organization.

Recent news has shown the criticism towards the NFL as to how they should handle Watson’s cases. The NFL is unfortunately has not been a stranger to sexual harassment and sexual assault cases of late. There have been notable athletes in similar situations such as Rey Rice back in 2014 and Kareem Hunt back in 2019. Since last Wednesday, 22 women in Harris County Texas have filed lawsuits in court against Watson claiming he committed sexual misconduct. The alleged lawsuits varied in terms or what was done, some women claimed that he positioned his privates to touch their hands, while other women stated that he masturbated while they were trying to perform their job.

The first woman to come forward and publicly speak about Watson’s misconduct was a licensed massage therapist Ashley Solis. On March 30th 2020 Solis came out and spoke on the entire situation. She explained how it wasn’t easy to come forward and speak on an athlete who is so highly regarded by fans and the media. She expressed to the Houston chronicles quote “We were all deceived into thinking that Deshaun Watson was a great guy. Unfortunately, we know that good guys can do terrible things.” Solis then went on to explain  how Watson’s misconduct has hindered her mentally and physically at work. She claimed that she has not been able to treat patients the same and has had to cut many of her scheduled sessions short because of her anxiety.  After Solis came out many women after her decided it was right for them to come out and speak on their encounters as well.

Authorities are still investigating to find proof of whether or not these allegations are valid or true. Watson and his lawyer Rusty Hardin have spoken out and said that they will comply gladly with the Houston Police department until all of these accusations are resolved.  As for Watson’s relationship with the NFL, the NFL itself has initiated an investigation under the NFL’s Personal Conduct Policy  for Watson until the matter is resolved.