Congressman Gaetz Scandal

Mack Guice, Staff Writer

Florida congressman Matt Gaetz, who is most recently known for his support for Trump in his 2020 presidential campaign, is being investigated by the department of justice under sex trafficking allegations. Matt Gaetz is a 38-year-old Republican congressman who holds a seat in congress. Although these accusations are new, this isn’t the first time that Gaetz has been involved in a scandal.

Sources say that the examination of Mr. Gaetz is part of a broader investigation that involved one of Gaetz’s political allies Joel Greenburg. Greenburg was indicted last summer on a numerous amount of charges including sex trafficking of a child and financially giving support to people in exchange for sex. One of them was an underaged girl. The department of justice has been investigating Gaetz for months, these allegations against Gaetz stated that he had sex with and paid for a 17-year-old girl to be brought across state lines. Investigators are evaluating the situation however a variety of laws make it illegal for anyone under the age of  18 to travel over state lines to engage in sex in exchange for money or something of value.

This is a serious offense and most investigations involving these kinds of cases end up with serious sentences. Gaetz denies it and believes that these false allegations were brought upon him because he refused to pay $25 million to a former prosecutor he was in bad terms with who  was trying to extort his father.  The investigation was initially opened towards the end of Trump’s 2020 presidential campaign run.

Gaetz’s unusual ties with other political figures involved in similar accusations hinders his image and only bring about more suspicion as to whether or not these accusations are true. Gaetz claims that the entire investigation is a scheme and feels that someone is trying to misconstrue his generosity to some of his ex-girlfriends as something different.

Gaetz himself made a statement to the Washington Post denying all accusations saying that “Since I’m taking my turn under the gun, let me address the allegations against me directly. First, I have never, ever paid for sex. And second, I, as an adult man, have not slept with a 17-year-old.”

Authorities are still trying to prove that this may or may not have happened.  Gaetz’s ties with Joel Greenburg only hinder his image and affect his chances in court. The department of justice continues to investigate the case as Gaetz tries to maintain his political image and save his career.