Pileup on Texas Interstate

Mack Guice, Staff Writer

The weather has been getting extremely crazy these last few weeks with snow storms and weather emergencies coming all across the US. Southern states across the country have been  having trouble preparing for these kinds of winter encounters, seeming how the south doesn’t get this much snow on the regular.  Early around 6am On February 11, 2021, in Fort Worth Texas there was recently a horrific accident on interstate 35W involving what was said to be 133 cars.  The initial accident caused a chain reaction of crashes involving multiple vehicles. Sources say that there were six fatalities up to this point. The victims identified in this accident were Tiffany Gerred 34, Aaron Watson 45, Tamara Mendoza 46, Christopher Vardy 49, Michael Wells 47, and William Williams 54. Of these six victims it is said that 65 others were also injured and had to retrieve either treatment or were sent to the local hospitals that same morning. Reporters say that the accident was caused due to the icy weather conditions of the road. However sources aren’t completely sure of exactly what the condition the roads were in that may have caused the accident. Investigators are still trying to find the actual cause of how the accident initially happened. The accident stretched about a mile and a half down the interstate between North 28th street and Northside drive. Throughout this horrible stretch of vehicles there were multiple people trapped inside and or underneath other cars during the crash. First responders on the scene reported that there were several cars wedged or stuck underneath each other. The accidents included cars, trucks and 18 wheelers which were also present on the road. Videos and pictures posted by passing civilians and local Tv stations revealed numerous cars piled up on top of one another. A spokesman from the Fort Worth Fire Department reported that they had to use tow trucks to disentangle vehicle by vehicle. The Fort Worth police also reported that five officers were injured in the crash as well. Thirty six people  were taken to the local hospitals including three who were in critical condition. More than 80 of Texas’s police units respond to the incident  Texas State representative Ramon Romero JR and the state senator Beverly Powell stated Thursday morning  Thursday that their offices were investigating Txdot about allegations or improper road treatment.  This devastating accident shows that States in the south should start taking investing into equipment for inclimate weather more seriously. Having the snow scrapers and sleds and trucks for the snow is never a bad call when the roads get icy. Its always best that you are prepared for whatever, especially when it comes to mother nature because you can only predict the weather so far ahead.