Texas Lifts Mask Mandate

Dalton Ney , Staff Writer

As we all know, 2020 was the start of the crazy out break COVID-19. This outbreak led to panic worldwide, which led to havoc, quarantines, loss of communication and even loss of freedoms of the American people. Moving forward through the year 2020 many states through America made their own mandates on what should be done during this pandemic. Some states were stricter than others, such as California being on lockdown for far longer than any southern state like Texas. Now that 2021 has arrived some states have become upset with how COVID-19 is being treated and want to move on from this pandemic.

As of Tuesday March 2, 2021, the Gov. of Texas released that there will be lift on the mandate of masks that will be effective on March 10, 2021. This will mean that Gov. Greg Abbott will lift the statewide COVID-19 restrictions allowing the people of Texas to be free of masks in the public. These restrictions being lifted will also allow businesses to open back up to their full capacity with no mask laws.

Regardless of the Governor lifting these restrictions, President Joe Biden and the CDC still enforce laws that will require masks in public areas throughout Texas. It was an executive order that masks must be worn in federal buildings or federal areas regardless of the mask mandate being lifted for the public. The reason behind this is so that the on-duty employees stay protected from the virus and can go out in the workforce without having the thought of catching the virus by not wearing a mask on duty.

Something that comes into play for Texas and wearing a mask is dealing with transportation. Transportation is a key aspect to getting to work, school, etc. People rely on transportation such as buses to get them to school, or even subways to get to work if they do not have a way of getting there in the first place. With this being said, the CDC made it an order that masks must be worn by the people traveling and the workers in all public transportation stations. These transportations include airports, subways, school buses, buses, or even taxis. Texas plans on staying true to the federal issued laws set in place regarding the use of a mask.

As businesses start to open throughout Texas, many will keep the requirement for wearing a mask when entering their store. With this new lift of the mandate each business will have the opportunity to go back to being 100% in capacity along with the choice of having the customers wearing a mask or not. By Gov. Abbott having this mandate lifted it will give more opportunity for business to get back on their feet to where they might have been. It will also give some more leeway to having their freedoms back with the choice of mask requirements or not.

Texas is the first state to lift their mask mandate which may come as a shock to other states as we look deeper into COVID-19 and what it is really doing to us. Some may agree with what Texas is trying to do and others may not. As time goes on we will see if anything changes for the better or for the worse in Texas and how this will affect our country moving forward in our next steps in dealing with the Corona Virus.