Covid-19 US Update

Alijah McGhee , Staff Writer

Throughout the year 2020 we were faced with multiple challenges as a country, with the coronavirus being the number one topic of discussion. We were all in shock as we watched America and the rest of the world panic in disbelief. Now being that it is 2021 Covid-19 is still on full display. With the cancellation of sports across America, millions of Americans are tuned in each day to hear the latest update on the virus. According to the FDA ( Food and Drug Administration ) they have scheduled a meeting to discuss the latest vaccine from Janssen Biotech Inc. The FDA intends on making background  materials available for the public. Some of the things they are going to make public according to the FDA is the meeting agenda, and committee roster. With that being said, the FDA has approved a new drug capable of treating Covid-19 this drug is known as Veklury. They state that the drug is indicated for adults and pediatric patients ages twelve  and up weighing at least 90 pounds.

On October 22, 2020, the virus had multiple people hospitalized, which at the time was the only time you could receive the Veklury. The approval of the drug includes two specific kinds. Remdesivir for injection, 100 milligrams a sterile, preservative-free lyophilized powder and remdesivir injection, 100 mg/20 milliliters (mL) (5 mg/mL), a sterile, preservative-free solution. This drug is an injectable meaning a needle is put into your arm/vein and the medication is injected into your body and should only be administered in a hospital or health care facility. Once taking medication like this many people may wonder what are the possible side effects. Here are some possible side effects. Possible side effects include increased levels of liver enzymes, which may be a sign of liver injury, and allergic reactions, which may include changes in your blood pressure and heart rate, Shortness of breath, rash, nausea, and low blood oxygen level.

Now, three months later, the vision and preparation is clear. Two highly effective vaccines are rolling out around the United States. With three more vaccines being slightly less effective, these two are the main focus. Within a week, the scientists reported that their vaccine offers the best protection, and even offers better support against the new up and coming clones of the coronavirus. Again your mind may vary and wonder if the vaccine is for you; well check this! More than twenty-seven million Americans have reportedly received their first dose, and more than six million have fully recovered.

One hundred million shots was the goal, for Biden’s first one hundred days in office. This was too modest, according to the public, so they changed it to one hundred and fifty million. The vaccination has accelerated in wealthy countries and for the poor countries, the world does not slow down and they are quickly falling behind. As for the United States, the rich white residents are getting access to the vaccine more frequently, whereas the black and latino communities are still recovering from the pandemic, as they were affected more. As of now the corona virus reports have gone down in recent weeks, still scratching at the surface; the virus is not yet saying goodbye. Scientists are still working hard day in and day out to find a way to put an end to the nightmare. All they ask is for the people of the community to do their part with hygiene and the rules of the stores. Wear your mask and stay safe !