When You’re in the Hot Seat, Don’t Cheat

Karyn Williams , Staff Writer

Right now, as we scramble to finish assignments and turn-in homework, let’s not forgot two very important factors integral to being a student at Kentucky Wesleyan College: integrity and honor.  After we leave school and celebrate Thanksgiving, it’ll be Finals week.  With everything online it will be so easy to just cheat our way through all of our tests.  But before we entertain that thought any further, let’s stop for a moment.  Consider our school motto: we do all things with Honor, we Support one another, we compete with Integrity, and we Love one another.  This is the Wesleyan Way and as students we should be committed to following the advice it shares.  Honor and integrity in particular because when someone makes the decision to cheat, those are the first two things to get thrown out the window.

When we act with Integrity we stick to a strict moral or ethical code.  Everyone has their own code of ethics, what they see as right and wrong.  But if we can agree as a society that cheating is wrong, then as students we can all collectively say the same.  What’s the point of having morals and ethics if we don’t care to stick by them? Can you imagine how the world would become? Trust would be lost and chaos would reign.  Does that mean that everything will turn into The Purge because you cheated?  No.  But you’d lose the trust of your teachers, of the faculty and staff, even a few of your peers.  These aren’t relationships to take lightly.  Some of these people are friends, they could be the person who writes your letter of recommendation, some of them are the equivalent of family.  Are you willing to break that trust, to break your own moral or ethics code to get that better grade?

To do something with Honor means to do it with high amounts of respect, towards yourself and others.  When we make the choice to cheat we are not only disrespecting our teachers, but ourselves.  Honor is also described as fairness and honesty in one’s actions. Cheating is the exact opposite.  If you make the choice to cheat this Finals season, know that you are diminishing those positive qualities in yourself so you can deceive someone to get a good grade.  An honorable person does their best and accepts whatever outcome they are given, even if it is negative.

Classes are hard, some of us just don’t have the time to study properly, things get busy; none of those are reasons to cheat.  Cheating doesn’t just affect your grades.  It affects the other students in that class and it affects your character.  Think about the type of person you want to be, or (since we are Methodist college) the type of person God wants you to be.  Would your loved ones be happy if they found out you cheated?  Would your teachers?  Since we are at home, away from teachers and peers, and all of our exams will be in an online format, it can be very tempting to just Google the answer to that one question that we’ really stuck on.  Whenever you feel that temptation whispering in your ear I hope you’ll remember the motto of our school and know in your heart what to do.