Autumn: The Optimal Season

Karyn Williams , Staff Writer

What comes to mind when you think of Autumn. I bet you $10 that 95 percent of the people reading this thought about something either pumpkin spice or Halloween related.  Well, as a lover of all things Autumn I would like to make the argument that there is so much more to love about the season.

As with every new season we get experience a change in nature.  The leaves start to shift from a vibrant green to a series of reds, oranges, and browns.  Everywhere you walk they crunch under your feet and bring back memories of jumping in piles years ago.  The weather isn’t hot enough to scorch you and isn’t cool enough to turn you into a popsicle just yet.  Being outside may give you the sniffles, but with a good, thick jacket, you won’t even feel the cool Autumn breeze.  If you’re an outdoor person, find a nice day and take a walk through a park or go on a nature hike.  If you prefer to stay inside, then my suggestion is to go on a drive. Owensboro is a beautiful city when in autumn.

But what if you just hate being outside no matter the weather or season.  There are plenty of the things to love about the new season beside the outdoors.  For example, my favorite thing about autumn is the delicious food.  Chili, casseroles, toffee and chocolate and candy galore (just think about all of the candy on clearance after Halloween).  Plus with Thanksgiving coming we get to eat stuffing and turkey and vegetables and mashed potatoes and gravy and cranberry sauce and pies.

Alright, so maybe food doesn’t excite you and you still don’t like the cold. That doesn’t mean all hope is lost.  If you’re spending more time inside to escape the cold, then there’s still lots to do.  You can practice a hobby like art or crafts.  Play some board games with friends.  Maybe read that book you’ve always wanted to finish.  Use the extra time to make some memories.  Even if after all of this you decide that you still don’t like the season, that’s okay. But I hope that maybe I’ve given you something else to enjoy while we wait for Christmas.