Importance of Friendship

Jeremy Henderson, Staff Writer

Building relationships is an important part of life. There are different categories we put people into in our life. We tend to exclude troublemakers, abusers, and hateful people. Productively, we have family, best friends, regular friends, and acquaintances. Family is easy to define as you are born with these people in your life. Your regular friends are like family. You do a lot together like lunch, texting, waterparks, road trips, and laughing. Nevertheless, best friends are a little more than just hanging out. Best friends talk and listen to you about deep stuff you are going through. This could be your football buddy or your romantic partner. Finally, you have acquaintances or contacts about different life circumstances. You are not really hanging out with these people. They are job coaches, teachers, and the amazon delivery guy.

Out of all the people you categorize in life, they all get filtered into or out of your friend zone. A friend zone is a vibrant place we put people that we are comfortable being around and trusting. Trust is vital in building strong and healthy relationships. Without trust, there’s no confidence or positive future sight between you and another. It takes time to build a strong friend zone. Time is the factor that can misplace many of us in society. Time has a way of hiding us from people and breaking down our friend zone. Time creates positive events that become pillars to our life and friend zone. Without pillars, you cannot build relationships. They fall apart and you can actually forget how to show yourself friendly. It gets harder to construct positive friendships the older you become. There is proof of failed relationships when you walk through a nursing home and see lonely people. The people that never have visitors will often admit that they did not work hard to maintain a friend zone.

If you do not have much of a friend zone, you are not alone. Society pressures us in such a way that we lose friends. Distance separates us and social media does not fill the gap like you think it would. Pillars created by social media are weak. They consist of images and words. Images and words cannot replace actually seeing, hearing, and touching someone directly. We are social creatures and need constant affirmations. You have to experience life with people not apart. To keep you friend zone intact, you have to make plans and communicate with people.

However, should your friend zone be big or small? How many friends do you need? The real question is one that addresses your personal availability. You may not be able to handle more than twenty friends. Nevertheless, is twenty people too much? There are only four weekends in a month. You only have twelve months a year. Vacation time from work is limited. Also, if you get married and have children it is like a second fulltime job. What if you the natural human being can only handle a set amount? What if there is a formula to our friend zone? You can only juggle ten family members, a spouse, three kids, four friends, and one best friend. Do not forget about the two cats, dog, hamster, and the pet sitter. Do not forget about the thirty different acquaintances bombarding you with phone calls and weekly meetings.

A friend zone is more of challenge than you might think. Remember your motives for forming a friend zone. It should be about trust and a healthy lifestyle. A friend zone should never be about money, manipulation, advantages, or ego. A friend zone requires attention. Time can either kill it or build it!