Dreaming of Summer

Jeremy Henderson, Staff Writer

One can’t help making an extensive list of summer activities. What you want to do goes from a one-page list to ten pages of demands. Summer is a huge opportunity to learn and grow! You’re not going to sit on the couch all day when it’s sunny and the bees are buzzing. Perhaps your summer list is the same every year. You work, eat out, go canoeing, go hiking, and visit family. Maybe your birthday is in the summer and you gravitate around it with activities. Therefore, you start your summer list with me, my, and myself.

Summer is a few months away ignoring the first month of spring. The heat and humidity indicates the real arrival of summer. In this case, your summer list begins with water sports, ice coffee, the dating scene, and washing your truck. That’s your list if you are single with aspirations for adrenaline and romance. Nevertheless, if you are in a relationship, you are probably going to text your partner and ask for help with your summer list. Your partner may want to go to Six Flags when you just want to go to Kentucky Lake and fish. Maybe you want to hunt game that’s in season, but your partner wants to play golf.

A summer list is an important part of your life and sometimes it embodies a certain time of year when you can get special things done. Traveling is typically easier in the summer as snow and ice are not an obstacle. Hotels are often more expensive, but sleeping in the rental van with the air conditioner on is made possible. There’s time to cut the grass and make your garden standout. In the summer, you may find that family members are more available. The kids are out of school and need spiritual guidance as well as close mentorship. The church has unique activities too.

However, never use your summer list to record the things you know you’re going to do like pay bills. You shouldn’t write down laundry, dishes, kill bugs, sweat, swim, and tan outside. Also, a summer list is not a minor grocery list for any little idea. Keep your summer list a little open too. If you’re constantly busy, that’s no fun at all. You can still go scuba diving in Florida as long as you save time for unexpected visits from friends.

Stay out of trouble. Don’t turn your summer list into your criminal record. Stay away from troublemakers and bad influences. Why should you hang out at the bar with loud mouthed drunks and angry people? Don’t put yourself in a position where you are subject to a jerk. You might become a jerk!

To make your summer list perfect, you need a road trip, pictures, laughs, healthy food, and sunshine. You can’t have summer without watermelon, a grill, pool parties, volleyball games, sandy beaches, smoothies, and more pictures. You need videos of funny stuff that happens. There needs to be loud music, dancing, and sleeveless t-shirts. Make sure you make a sandcastle, climb a mountain, ride a bike, catch a turtle, and wrestle a German Shepherd.

Summer is not complete without calling your mom and dad to tell them you love them. You should text all your friends and invite them over for a fancy dinner. Don’t forget to buy mosquito repellent. You have plenty of time to do all the things you love before the trees start to change colors. Suddenly, you start seeing Halloween candy at the store and you know summer is saying goodbye.