Music: Food for the Soul?

Jeremy Henderson, Staff Writer

Everybody has their favorite musical genre, artist, and song. Well, music is deeper than that. Some people love, live music and recordings of such. Music is very unique in that it can unite and separate people in the same breath. Moreover, music has numerous sub-genres and speaks its own special language. With music, you can hear technology in action. Music creates culture and is an indicator of changes in the world. It reminds me of the thousands of frogs you see jumping across a highway right before a major earthquake. Music is a job, a life, a lifestyle, and a need like food or water.

Look at the attacks on music. Look at that nonsense MTV and towns without live music played regularly. Look at the wicked violence and sexual immorality promoted using music. These are attacks on music. I mentioned MTV because they do not even play music or give independent artists a chance to showcase their talents. Talent matters. Computer made bubblegum music sounds like robot chatter! This is what replaced compact discs. It is rampant on streaming apps like Spotify and platforms like YouTube. This is why I emphasize the importance of live music.

Why is music so vital you may ask? Music relieves tension in society and gives people a microphone to express needs and thanksgiving. This is why you see music often accompanying food service and beverage sales. Music is a spiritual and emotional intake that produces a healthy community. It is a necessity for living and being happy. You will often hear music accompanying sports; it is more proof that communities need it to thrive in every aspect of life. Think of all the annual festivals that center on bringing families together with music present.

Music is competitive. Competition is good to a certain extent. When major record companies sign an artist just because the artist is local to them, it is a shame. The artist has a fan base on social media, gets gigs, and lives down the street. It snuffs out other people that live where music is not thriving. Why do we not see California record labels signing artists with a following in Kentucky? The labels operate on a “who you know” basis. This is bad business! It is like eliminating a source of clean drinking water just because it is far away. Major labels are too stupid to realize that music is bigger than they are and more than just a local scene. If we hired people for jobs based on “who you know” there would be a lot of empty positions nationally. America needs to wake up! If it’s not the love of money, it’s the “who you know” attitude destroying a cultural future. Without culture, people are disposed to depression and harmful addictions.

Live music is special as it goes beyond music videos, headphones, smartphones, social media posts, and virtual reality. You get to meet people and see instruments being played in a personal way. You learn what instruments you like the best. Some people prefer the bass off the drums over the sting of a guitar riff. Other people like the acoustics and Celtic vibe. There are also unusual instruments like drum machines, Japanese flutes, drums operated by light, and amazing pedals that affect guitar solos.

I hope after you read this you will think of music differently. I do not believe it was illegal downloading that negatively impacted the music of America. It was industry, immoral lyrics, greed, and a pathetic popularity contest. It is a shame when the only place you can hear live music in a town is a bar serving poison and a church filtering what instruments are allowed. The time has come to create venue for all kinds of talent. The venue is powered by the people and exists for the people.